1. Fuentesfranko

    Recommendations for Body work shop?

    Hi! I found out I had a rear tire rack in storage for my FJ40 and I decided to get it restored and painted. I should be getting it back from the painting shop in a couple of days but I was told by the previous owner that the rack would not fit without modification. Something to do with the...
  2. BiffS

    Parting Out HZ 73 in Vancouver Canada

    Parting out complete HZ 73 with automatic transmission. Was parked for a while, but was started regularly. Truck still runs and drives. Currently completely assembled. Once I get enough requests for larger parts then I'll disable it and pull it down completely. Rear axle spoken for, but the...
  3. franken60

    Vancouver Island Toyota Clothing

    Hey, We at VI Toyota (facebook) recently did an order for hoodies and stanfields with logos. It was well received and we're doing another order soon. It's being placed on the 15th so if you want one order quick! $70 for Stanfield $45 for hoodie $10 for shipping if required. Pm me for more...
  4. G

    Help with Lift Install Bellingham WA or Vancouver BC or close

    Hi, I thought I would put this out there to see if there is a fellow 120'er who would be able to help me install my IronMan lift. I just moved so we could use my garage I also have all the proper tools or I could meet at your place. I am in Vancouver BC but I also am back and forth to...
  5. torqueluvr

    For Sale FJ80 axles, driveshafts, sway bars etc- Vancouver, BC, Canada

    Here's what I have left from an FJ80 I am parting out. Pics coming soon. Specs: 1992 FJ80, no locker, light brown exterior, 250km, SF rear axle. Still for sale: Front axle, no locker, hub to hub with fully loaded disc brakes. $450 Rear axle, no locker, drum to drum. $450 Front and rear...
  6. offkilter

    For Sale BJ70/60 used Diesel emblems, Vancouver B.C.

    Emblems from a BJ60 and BJ70. The LX and smaller diesel emblem are 70 series while the remainder are from a BJ/HJ60. All emblems sold together - conditioned as pictured - $35 US plus shipping.
  7. offkilter

    For Sale Small 55 parts lot for sale - Vancouver, B.C.

    I have some remnants lingering from my 55 days that I would like to see disappear. Only items left: wiper motor is in beautiful condition - thinking it is from a 78 - $40 rear seat hinge is rusted in a fixed position ...needs penetrating oil/torch. - $10 dash land cruiser emblem is missing...
  8. kzj78

    KZJ78 Road Trip - Toronto to Vancouver - need some advice from the west coast!

    I'm planning on making a road trip with my family of 7 (me, spouse, 17/16/14/11/9 years old) essentially 4 adults and 3 kids. Planning to drive Toronto to Calgary with family and our stuff then rent a travel trailer there. Trailer is 3500lbs and has a weight distributing hitch and requires a...
  9. Bekay

    Landcruiser 60/62 with 3B Turbo - Timing Chain .. Help

    Hi I have a 62 with a 3B. Last month it just gave up on me. Doesn't start, been sitting in the driveway. Starter and battery are in good shape. No leaks or visible damage to motor. However it doesn't crank. I can turn it manually about half way in both directions. From there on it just doesn't...
  10. Ghoulgang

    Metal Fabrication Vancouver - Bumper Brackets

    I just bought a 97 Trooper and need some recommendations for a shop that can help me fab some simple brackets to mount my (very heavy) steel bumper w/ winch. The previous owner had made up some brackets but they weren't strong enough and failed during the recovery of a stuck in and upside down...
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