1. Leggiez

    Van Load bars?

    I've been looking for the cheapest roof rack solution in hopes of transporting 2 kayas and maybe even adding a cargo box of some sort. I have looked at everything from $1000 and up safari racks to those cheap van load bars. With that being said is it possible for me to use the van bars? I have a...
  2. 89TownAce

    Wanted Toyota TownAce Parts or Parts Van

    Mainly I need a rear glass, or preferably a complete rear hatch for a 1989 TownAce van. A parts van would be ideal as I see needing extra parts often and being in California that's tough. Probably going to need a new injection pump for my 2C-T soon too.
  3. 89TownAce

    Wanted Toyota TownAce Parts or Parts Van

    I have a 1989 TownAce 4WD in California. I need a few parts, but I really want to start collecting a backup set of the rarest parts. Hoping to find a parts van. What I need right now is the rear hatch glass. I'd love to have a spare 2C-T turbo diesel engine too. Please PM me if you have...
  4. toyotavans

    Looking for JDM to USA Toyota Paint Code Translation

    Hey Guys! I have a 1990 JDM (Japanese Import) Toyota Master Ace Surf van, and I am looking to have a portion repainted. All the paint shops I called cannot seem to find the pint code, it's listed as "21L" both on the VIN plate and when I search ToyoDIY. I've also googled around but cannot find...
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