1. eurodre

    For Sale Vais Tech SL3Sat

    This is used but in excellent working condition. The SL3Sat allows you to add siriusxm satellite radio directly to your Toyota or Lexus factory radio. It includes the SXV200 xm tuner along with the antenna. Please see pictures, this is the full kit ordered directly from vais tech. This Sound...
  2. Vistataco

    For Sale VAIS - SL3Sat-L w/ Tuner Kit

    Looking to sell new SL3Sat-L w/ Tuner Kit. Was purchased for '04 LX470 along with the SL3B bluetooth adapter. Vais said the two should have been able to work together so that I could run Sat radio and stream BT. I was able to get both of them to work solo but not when connected in series. Ran...
  3. L

    VAIS MML--->USB cord location?

    I just installed the VAIS MML-L1 on my 07 cruiser. Easy installation (30 mins), great sound quality and functionality;would recommend. Right now, I have the USB cord coming out of the left panel next to the head unit. Would like to have it run through a natural hole/opening near the head unit to...
  4. P

    VAIS connectivity issue

    Hello all! This is my first post and I've been a lurker for a while. I just picked up an 04 LX with VAIS and I just can't seem to get it to work. I am able to connect via Bluetooth to the Vias system with my iphone6 (ios10) but it's always pausing 10-15 seconds into the song. This happens for...
  5. YardPig

    Vais VMl Land Cruiser

    Has anyone had success installing Vais VML on 2001-2002 Land Cruiser with Nav? I tried with 20 pin harness with no luck just loud thud and audio hiss. Vais tech mentioned they have heard of issues and only way around it was to use 12 pin and recommended 12 pin (5/7) connection, although they no...
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