1. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Air Flow Meter and Intake Hoses (1991 and 92 ONLY)

    SoCal AFM also called a VAF or Air vane from a 1992. The hoses are in very good condition as well. Air Flow Meter including shipping USPS Priority Mail $145 Intake Hoses with center piece $75 ALSO ALMOST ALL EXTERNAL SENSORS AND PARTS FOR THE 3fe
  2. maddss

    Wanted  WTB 93-94 VAF

    WTB 93-94 VAF in good condition or Someone who can rebuild mine. Thanks
  3. bigredmachine

    VAF question

    So im chasing a misfire and pulled the vaf out to test it and noticed something odd, the door in the vaf isn't sitting square and theres a gap between the door and body. Its maybe a 1/8 in gap at the bottom and sits flush at the top. The door moves smoothly and dosent bind up but I would think...
  4. maddss

    93-94 VAF rebuild serivces ?

    Any suggestions for a company that rebuilds the VAF for the 93 and 94 LC I found this guy off E. REPAIR SERVICE 93-94 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER MAF MASS AIR FLOW SENSOR REPAIR SERVICE | eBay eBay item number: 322406860179 "US $99.95 I AM NOT SELLING AN AIRFLOW METER IN THIS LISTING THIS LISTING IS...
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