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  1. D

    For Sale  NFS (yet) Value in US Market

    Looking to hear opinions, evidence, and get better info on the value of one of these BJ pickups if sold in the US market? Interest, places to sell one, etc...? 1992. 5 speed. 702 diesel, 61,000 original miles. Should have AC as well Location: Brazil A little background on me. I started...
  2. krs2fur

    US vs Foreign market dash

    I humbly beseech the wisest of the Cruiser gods to school me. I've been on the hunt for a good condition dash pad for my brown interior 91 FJ80. Well, I've found one for a great price, but it's from a 93 Venezuelan model. Initially, I can see there are a couple of subtle differences - my US...
  3. Dim130

    Selling my HDJ80 (EU) in US after Pan-American overland expedition?

    Hi, I'm preparing a Pan American roadtrip in 2017 and I am considering to buy and prepare a HDJ80 here (Belgium, that is) and sell it in the US or Canada when the trip is over. This might save me the cargo trip coming back, and I've picked up on some fora that an HDJ80 might be worth some money...
  4. wardharris


    Our import rigs are a little bit different. This listing is designed to help you find firms that know 70s. Please add your suggestion by posting to this thread and I will add to the state by state listing below. This is a reader supported, shared resource with the OP as recording secretary and...
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