1. HDJdreams

    Help! - Undercarriage inspection tips?

    I looked at a 2009 tonight. It’s from NJ. The interior was in fantastic shape, the outside paint looked fine as well as I could tell in the dark. The undercarriage had been freshly undercoated. I was laying in a puddle, looking around with a flashlight the best I could at places that weren’t...
  2. GoISU

    Chicagoland meetup / undercoating party 10/28/17

    Oct 28th in Wheaton IL All day event, Fluid Film spray party and hangout. Details in the 200 section: Chicago Meet-up and possible Fluid Film opportunity Please check in that ^^^ thread if you have comments or questions. Mods feel free to delete if needed, just trying to get some Chicagoland...
  3. GoISU

    For Sale  Undercoating Chicagoland IL

    Hit me up if you're looking to get your truck undercoated with Fluid Film. I'm not aware of anyone doing this professionally (I am not a professional) in Chicagoland so I figured I'd offer it up. I have the spray kit and I do it out of my garage for mod money. If you bring a 4X4 Toyota it's $75...
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