1. jr24jk

    For Sale ARB twin compressor new 12v

    Selling a new arb twin compressor 12v comes wiring harness and rocker switch. New nvern been used $400 these retail for $530 plus tax. Location : los angeles ca Local pick up only
  2. tucker74

    For Sale H55 shift plate for twin stick setup -

    Ordered this by mistake since I've got the factory xfer shift pattern, been sitting in my garage for years. This is the original AATLAS etched plate, not the newer printed. $30 shipped.
  3. T

    For Sale New ARB CKMTA24 Twin Air Compressor(24V) -UT

    Hey everyone, I have an ARB CKMTA24 Twin Air Compressor(24V) for sale. The box is a little damaged but all parts are new and unopened.I will discard the Original box and ship it free in a Priority USPS box. There is one clip that has a broken retainer, it connects fine but will need to have...
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