1. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Toyota Land Cruise/ LX 450 DRIVESHAFTS + T Cases = parts

    SoCal Shipping is extra. Driveshafts run between $100 and $150 91-92 Front Driveshafts 93-94 Front Driveshafts 95-97 Front Driveshafts 91-92 Rear Driveshafts 93-94 Rear Driveshafts 95-97 Rear Driveshafts T Cases T Case Actuators Speedo Sensors Lots of parts from full part outs Transmissions...
  2. M

    2001 LX 470 - won’t drive in ‘High’

    hey friends. New to the forum and 100 series, but purchased a 2001 LX recently for my son. 95k miles on it. Super clean, looks like it was literally driven to the grocery store once a week, interior is 9.9/10, buuuut, the rig only drives in low. When in high, makes a pretty disturbing grinding...
  3. Z


    Hey all! First time poster. So at the risk of sounding idiotic. What is the best 5 speed transmission for my 1986 fj60
  4. firefight

    1991-1994 transmissions

    hello mudders. I have a question about the early model 80 series transmissions. I know after 94 the transmission was changed. But, do the 91, 92, and 93 have the same trans as the 94? Can the 94 trans be swapped into a 91-93 car? Thanks Sheldon
  5. gheverly

    HJ61 Shift Lever install. HELP NEEDED

    So, I have a 1989 HJ61. Right side drive. Previous owner had welded a snapped shift lever on. It re-snapped. I got a replacement lever from Spectre Off-Road in the hopes it would be compatible. It is not (see photo). My next best thought is to cut off the new lever and weld on to the old...
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