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  1. Rollinns

    A440F Special Service Tool - Make your Own

    If anyone needs to rebuild their A440F transmission and doesn't want to spend the money for the Special Service Tool kit/set, over in the 80 series forum I posted the DXF files you can take to a local metal shop and have them cut to have your own special tools for much cheaper. I do not know...
  2. Rollinns

    A440F Special Service Tool - Make your Own

    I rebuilt my 1992 A440F transmission, with parts I designed and had laser cut for me, the files to make those parts are attached. There are a few different Special Service Tool (SST) kits recommended for rebuilding these. One appears to be discontinued, the other might still be available but...
  3. H

    01 Transmission Problem

    Guys, my transmission went out last night (or so the Toyota dealership is telling me) and I would love to get your input. I have had my 2001 LC for roughly 1.5 years and started baselining it when I got it (previously rebuilt a 1997 LC). It currently has 315k on the clock and I bought it...
  4. J

    A440F Transmission rebuild parts or kit?

    Greetings to all, 1989 FJ62 2nd gear is out and have found someone to do the rebuild..only we need the parts. To make things easier I'm hoping some of you have had to unfortunately rebuild your A440F tranny and would like all of your guidance on finding parts. Looking for OEM as much as...
  5. jltemlock

    93 Transmission Rebuild or something else?

    Hey Friends: I have a '93 FJ80 with >150K miles on it. She recently started spewing trans fluid from the bell housing when the engine is running. To me it seems as if a seal has gone bad that's letting the trans fuild get sucked into the bellhouse, but I'm not an expert on these things...
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