transfer case leak

  1. N

    Did I Buy The Wrong Vehicle

    Hey Everyone, I am a new member and have spent the past few weeks browsing the forum. I've always liked 4runners, but seeing everyone's builds got me really interested in the GX. I had read about all of the problems and was well aware of what to watch out for. Primarily the transfer case leak...
  2. torpedo51

    FJ62: diff leak and transfer case leak

    After I park the car, I get a palm sized puddle under the rear diff and under the transfer case. They aren't continuous leaks, they dry up after a few days. What sort of repair am I looking at here, about how much should I expect to pay, and which shop local to me is trustworthy? Thanks Tim
  3. saleach

    Transfer Case Leak, Center Diff Lock Not Working

    Hello, I recently purchased a 99 LX470 and have been in the process of getting it fixed up. After replacing the transfer case fluid I have since noticed that it is leaking. Also, my center diff lock has recently stopped working. It appears that the leak is from the front output shaft in the...
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