toyo a/t

  1. 96LandcruiserPJ

    Had the 96 Landcruiser since its inception, but just got here

    We have had this 96 FZJ80 since it had 8,000 miles (190,000 now). Both kids learned to drive in it - with a little wear to show for it. It sat for a few years with a cover in the backyard and I thought I would sell it, but was getting low balled. As a result, we are keeping it and I am...
  2. rustycoon

    SOLD  97 center lock 250k mostly stock

    Hey Mudders, It’s time for me to sell my 80. I bought it about 4 years ago and have brought the miles to just over 250k. I’ts better than I found it with new tires (33” Toyo Open Country ATII Xtremes with about 35k on them) and a major tune up that included new wires and plugs by Little Rock’s...
  3. D

    Anyone in Bishop, California

    JR Tires in Mammoth took care of me. That's the man to go if you need tire service in Mammoth. Dirt Scares me told me of time JR left a party to help him out in the snow. JR came and plugged my tire for me after he closed his shop for the day. I'm up in Mammoth until Tuesday am. I have a hole...
  4. TXBruiser

    Toyo A/T 2 or R/T on 80 series

    Anyone have opinions on the Toyo R/T? I currently have 35" Toyo A/T II on my 97 LX450 and need to replace soon. I have a 93 LC with 35" Duratracs that I feel are MT/AT hybrids and I have been very happy with them, a good balance between the two. I feel like the Toyo R/Ts fit a similar...
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