1. OREGON85

    Mini Toy to 80 noob intro/questions...

    I have posted a couple times, but figured I should make an official introduction. I've finally accepted the reality that my '85 pickup that I've been wheeling and driving since I could drive is no longer practical now that I have three kids..... so now I have an 80! I love it, even though we...
  2. jfmaillot

    A US-French rig aka Toy Soldier

    Hi everyone, I've been following you for years and this forum have been a real inspiration for me! I've owned 4 80 series : a 1991 turbo diesel, 2 1997 FZJ80 on gas and my last baby :) So, what about the name : I'm a soldier, she is a US veteran I wanted to have an universal 80, capable of...
  3. lurch

    Baby hauler / new toy

    Well just traded the FR-S for this 2011 Trail Edition with 70k on the clock!
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