1. morganism

    Key fob remote pairing theft

    Auto theft on the rise in Toronto area, and a security expert thinks he knows why | CBC News " Key fobs are constantly broadcasting a signal that communicates with a specific vehicle, he said, and when it comes into a close enough range, the vehicle will open and start. "The way that the...
  2. T

    Attempted Theft of Fzj-80

    Not sure if this is appropriate for this section of the forum, if not I apologize. Tonight I arrived in the train station and routinely tried to start my truck. The key didn't hit the ignition, and the ring didn't light up either. I soon found out why: Someone tried, and failed, to take...
  3. LTD FJ

    TDS Alarm System

    Hello All. Not on Mud here often, but recently my TDS remote was broken and I ordered a new one. Needless to say, the valet switch was bad, so I got a new one of those(This is needed to program new remote). Everything is in working order now and I can honestly say I did not know the black button...
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