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    Noob Needing Guidance to Purchase First Cruiser

    I'm a freshman in college, looking to purchase a new vehicle. For a while I've known that if I'm going to spend the money on a vehicle, it's going to have to be a cruiser, otherwise I'll kick at myself forever. I am specifically interested in getting an FJ62 or HJ61. Now I know that owning one...
  2. A

    Rear Driver Side disc brake dragging

    Hi all, I posted this forum a while back and the replies I got were pretty helpful so I figured I would try again . I have been on a budget quest to drive my mom’s old 94 cruiser across the continent again. However, recently, I noticed my rear driver side disc brake was getting scarred by the...
  3. RFB

    Free yota tech advise LIVE every tuesday

    And hes live right now. Hes a MUD member worked on many LC and super nice guy. Check out his channel and every tuesday hes live answering any and all Tech Questions.
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