1. B

    Pitted / Rusted swivel hubs - What would you do?

    My truck came from Virginia, and Michigan before that with lackluster maintenance history. I am rebuilding the front axles now and am stuck trying to decide what I should I do about these pitted swivel balls. I cleaned them up the best I could and used some rust converter on them. I am trying...
  2. P

    KZJ-78 Front Brakes & Swivel Hub Seals

    Hi All, Was just wanting to do my KZJ78 swivel hubs and brakes and was looking for an online manual or images on how to pull everything apart. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Dave 2000

    Rusty balls.

    OK, under the LC today to change engine oil and filter and having a general look around, my attention is once again drawn to rust caused pitting on the swivel balls. Not leaking as per oil contaminated, just the fact that as you turn the pitting picks up grease and brings it outside the seal...
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