1. bryson

    Suzuki 1972 Suzuki LJ10 - What to do?

    I picked up this cute little LJ10 a couple years ago with hopes of getting it up and running. I have less than zero time lately, and it needs a lot of love. What do I do with it? A little info about the rig: 1972 Suzuki LJ10, right hand drive. 359cc, 2-stroke, air-cooled, inline 2 cylinder...
  2. Fast Eddy

    Suzuki LJ20 "Jimny" on BaT - nice

    1972 Suzuki LJ20 Jimny "water-cooled 360cc two-stroke twin, four speed manual transmission and two-speed transfer case" ... "sounds like a dirt bike".
  3. crusherboy


    1988 Samurai, 1.9L VW turbo diesel, Atlas kit, new bumpers and doors $4500 Suzuki Samurai Diesel Project
  4. chap79

    2 Wheels Picture Thread

    To say that motorcycles have been a large part of my life and upbringing would be an understatement, my legal birth name is Harley. Though I've have quite a few HD cycles over the years I really just love being on two wheels. So whether they're yours or just not, let's see them. Below are...
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