sunroof glass

  1. New two this

    Rear bumper and sliding glass

    I just bought a 92 land cruiser! It came with some defects like the sun roof is completely cracked and I am wondering where I could possibly get a factory new one it does slide and work which is nice. The second part is I found a rear 5th wheel bumper kit for a GX470 would that fit for my land...
  2. jjdeneen918

    For Sale  Sunroof glass fj80

    Sunroof glass removed from a 1996 Lexus LX450. Will fit 80 series Land Cruisers too. $60. Prefer local pick-up (Long Beach, CA), But will ship on buyers dime.
  3. dfrfsucks

    FREE  sunroof glass in Denver

    I just bought a new set of sunroof tracks and it came with the glass so I will have the glass available soon so if the hail got your glass here's a free replacement
  4. thebus

    Wanted  1993 fzj80 sunroof glass and seal

    Looking to buy glass and seal please let me know asap...I broke mine by having my butt touch it... located in NJ will pay for shipping
  5. Surfdc

    For Sale  80 Series sunroof glass, San Diego

    This is the OEM sunroof glass off my 97. It is tinted. Should fit any year, 91-97. $75 Is in a box so I can ship on buyers dime.
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