stealth custom series

  1. aryanalp

    Builds Aryan's 09 LX570 Build Thread

    Hello everybody. My name is Aryan and I have recently satisfied my long awaited craving for an off road capable vehicle by purchasing this beauty. It is a 2009 LX570, black on black, with 218,000 KM on the odometer at time of purchase, full dealer service history, as well as, no accidents for...
  2. M

    Wanted AZ, Stealth Custom Series F5, SR8, or Ray 10 (6 x 139.7)

    I know they pop up from time to time, but looking for a used set of Stealth Custom Series (F5, SR8, or Ray 10). They can be either 16's or 17's preferably with negative offset in the 6 x 139.7 lug pattern. They don't have to be in perfect condition and looking to spend around $600. Located in...
  3. J

    For Sale Stealth Custom Series Wheels set of 4 and Baja Claw Tires

    Wheels SR8 Matte Dark Bronze W/Machined Lip 17 X 8.5 6 X 139.7 4.30" -10mm 24.5lbs and Mickey Thompson Baja Claw Tires size 305/65R17 only 800 miles of use for $ 1550
  4. ikarus

    5x150 SCS F5 Wheels 16x8

    I was super happy to see that @SCSPerformance made these in 5x150 as the market was lacking in wheels options I liked for 100s. I could only find a few pictures on the forum, so I thought I'd add these if that would help anyone. I wanted to stay with 16s or 17s for bigger sidewall, so it...
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