1. OldRocDoc

    SOLD  Toyota Knuckle Alignment SST

    I have a Toyota knuckle alignment (centering) SST (09634-60013) that I no longer need. Asking $75 plus shipping from La Center, WA, 98629.
  2. Pierce

    Wanted  Supercharger Belt Tool

    I'm looking for the tool to loosen the supercharger tensioner pulley for the FZJ80. I think it looks like this... If anyone has one for sale or knows where i can buy one i’d Appreciate it. Don’t know how much they were new but I’ve got $100+ ready to go.
  3. S

    Wanted  A440F 09350-36010 SST special tools

    Does anyone still have this? Would appreciate any leads. Thanks!
  4. koxfarm

    Wanted  Gauge, Steering SST

    Looking for SST 09634-60013
  5. R

    Lending Library?

    Do you guys think we could start a lending library for tools? Specifically SSTs? I assume the demand is there/here. What say you all?
  6. leucadiacruiser

    RTH - knuckle preload too high

    Thanks to all who have posted the countless threads, pictures and videos on knuckle rebuilds. My fj62 was in dire need of a knuckle rebuild so with 'Mud was able to take this on myself over the last few weekends. I got a kit from Cruiser Outfitters and after a few weekends of clean up started...
  7. N

    Wanted  Knuckle centering gauge

    Hi, I am in the middle of a knuckle rebuild/disc brake swap and want to see about getting a loaner 'knuckle centering gauge'. I will pay a deposit, rental fee, & shipping. Thanks!
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