1. ColoradoSequoia

    Timbrens - work great for towing but... (FYI and advice needed)

    I tow a 5,500 dry weight travel trailer with my `13 LC. Without the AHC of the LX (and my previous 2nd gen Sequoia), I added Timbrens SES to level the ride and add additional support to the rear. Install: Install was straightforward. Removed existing bump stops on the frame and added the...
  2. C

    For Sale  1997 80 series parts

    Various parts for sale. Make a reasonable offer. Located near Sacramento, California. You pay for shipping. i prefer to sale local .
  3. Stricmic000

    AHC rough ride, with readouts from ecu

    Graduation test shows only 8 bars, the fluid has 20k miles on it, rear springs are OEM from 1999 and torsion bars have never been cranked. The ride has been getting significantly harsher in the last 15k miles and I have No leaks anywhere on the system (struts, accumulators and globes, pump)...
  4. NudeLobster

    For Sale  Tucson, AZ: Dobinsons C59-675v medium duty progressive rate long travel rear springs for 4Runner/ GX470/ GX460

    For sale in Tucson, AZ are my Dobinsons medium duty progressive rate long travel rear springs. 1.75" lift. Less than a year old. You don't need long travel shocks to use these. They are buttery smooth for a daily driver. I only replaced them with HD varients due to increased weight load...
  5. TNFJ80

    Parting Out  Knoxville, TN - 80 Series Brush Guard, Dobinson Springs, OEM Shocks

    I have some take offs from the vehicle I picked up a couple weeks ago. $200 - Brush Guard - Good shape, no dents, bends, broken pieces. Much more stout than I imagined when i saw it in pictures. Has some chipping paint on top bar. $100 - 2 month old Dobinson factory height front springs. I...
  6. Classic85

    Wanted  OME 2864 & 2850

    Anyone have these two sets of arb old man emu springs laying around. Location Chicago 60607.
  7. T

    Rear Suspension Conversion Spring question 81081 vs 81045 HELP

    I've got an air leak somewhere and don't feel like band aiding the air ride system, so I have my order on the way for the conversion. I need to do it this weekend, and it seems like all the manufactured kits are 2-3 week run time before I could get them, so I have decided to make my own. I...
  8. pmccraney

    For Sale  [***SOLD***] 100 Series - OME shocks and rear springs {Jackson, MS USA}

    For sale are: 1) OME Nitrocharger Sport Shocks - 2 front/2 rear; and 2) OME 2860 (aka 860) Rear Coil Springs. $400.00 for the bundle. Would prefer to sell together. This basically gives you everything you need to lift a 100 (at a pretty low cost), except for the torsion bars...
  9. DanMedeiros

    For Sale  OME 2864 HD rear springs, $100

    Hi everyone, I bought a pair of lightly used OME 2864 HD springs but I ended up deciding to go with taller coils for my suspension redo. These are for an 80 Series. Not sure if they also work for a 100 or a 60. Happy to let these go for $100. Originally $175. If you would like me to ship them...
  10. Cruz4mud

    Wanted  100 series Torsion bars, Shocks & Springs for AHC delete

    My 2000 LX470 is about to have all the AHC removed. It's got 215,000 miles and the system worked flawlessly until the rear hose blew. I think I'd be ahead to swap it out. I'm looking for: 1. A complete set of 100 series Torsion bars, Shocks and Springs. (Lift kit or stock) I would...
  11. DoubleNickels

    Cruiser Outfitter's 55-Specific Suspension Kit - Advice Please

    Piggers A few weeks ago I purchased the 55-specific suspension kit from Kurt @ Cruiser Outfitters. The kit is comprised of Old Man Emu spring packs and shocks, along with goodies such as anti-inversion grease-able shackles and bushings. Good stuff. The kit requires moving the rear hanger back...
  12. bigredmachine

    For Sale  2011+ BC coilover kit for Sienna

    I have a complete coil over kit for 2011-2016 sienna that was taken off of a customers vehicle. coil over kit only has about 30k on it, kit includes loaded front struts, lowering springs for the rear axle with spring seats and rear shocks. all hardware is included to mount and install the kit...
  13. Willis

    For Sale  FZJ80 FJ80 Brand New in Box 4" Slee Springs

    Purchased for a project but never got around to using them. They are brand new in box, in fact the rear springs haven't even been opened. SOF4FM SOF4RM They are 4" front and rear. Retail is $240 a pair plus shipping from Sale, looking for $400 shipped. Text, call or DM 5414200049 Thanks!
  14. D

    For Sale  2001 Lexus LX 470 parts in SoCal Wheels, Bumper, Sliders, etc.

    I have the following parts from our 2001 Lexus LX 470 with 200k. 1. Front Bumper and Sliders/Step dark grey $450.00 obo 2. Rear Springs and torsion bars $100.00 obo 3. 4 Lexus 16" wheels chromed about a year ago, 1 older spare, tires worn $500. 4. front and rear height sensor/brackets $100...
  15. toyogi

    Shocks and Springs

    Current set up - OME J-Springs & L-Shocks, Slee bumper / Winch, Dual battery, Cooper 35s, 4X4 Labs rear. Looking at spring and shock options. Considering Slee shocks with medium 4" springs. Also looking at a few other options but Slee option seems pretty cost-efficient relative to other...
  16. sorich

    For Sale  OEM Lexus LX470 Rear Springs

    Selling a set of LX470 Springs, purchased from Lexus 15 months ago, on my truck for just over one year (12,000 Miles). I purchased them for $300. Selling for $100 with local pickup only here in Colorado Springs, CO. I bought them last year when I was baselining the maintenance on my the new...
  17. ScoutsOut

    For Sale  97 OEM Springs

    Original spring takeoffs from '97 fzj80 with around 160k miles. Free heights of fronts are 19.5" (purple/green/white) and 19" (purple/blue/white) Free heights of rears are 19" (double yellow/yellow? And double pink(red?)/yellow(or orange?)) Sorry not totally sure of colors on coding dots...
  18. 64Rotorhead

    Shackle angle settling

    Yes I know, many threads exist but most all I find are in regard to inches of spring settle, and not how that relates to the shackle angle. A loaded question I realize but just wondering if anyone had kept track of this during and after their build. Obviously it would vary with different...
  19. seattle80series

    For Sale  FJ80 OME 2" lift medium springs, front only (Seattle area)

    These units are used, I switched to the heavies. 80 cash. Bellevue pickup only. Sorry no pics but they're in the original box.
  20. C

    Wanted  Oem 80 series coils

    Looking for a set of factory or no lift front 7-8 wrap coil springs off a 91-97. Must be wlling to ship to Edmonton Alberta. Thanks
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