1. sherman

    Wanted  SF Bay Area: ARB (OME) 2721 Springs

    I ordered a set of ARB 2721 springs from Autoplicity, and while the box clearly states "ARB 2721," what was found inside the box was something completely different. By the way, since it's been over 30 days, Autoplicity won't allow me to return the order. So I'm now on the hunt for ARB (OME)...
  2. UnknownCompany

    SOLD  3" Icon Springs 80series Denver Colorado

    Used (20k miles) icon 3” lift fzj 80 springs for sale. I picked these up off Mud about 2 years ago. Installed them about a year ago. They were great. But just won't cut it with my bumpers, winch and sliders installed. Springs are out. See current pics below. I would prefer to sell them...
  3. 88red

    SOLD  OME Leaf springs heavy fronts, medium rears. Maryland

    OME leaf springs for 60 series. CS004f, CS004R a/b. $500. Can ship but local pickup preferred.
  4. Sykoslug

    For Sale  Las Vegas: 100 series spare tire cross member & hoist,stock suspension parts, plus OME 2865 rear springs

    Hello mudders, Up for sale: Spare Tire cross member and Hoist- $150 stock factory oem front Upper Control Arms- $75 Stock front differential cross member -$50 Rear Upper and Lower Control Arms- $200 for all 4 arms. Toyota/Tokico front shocks w/approx 30K miles on them. $50/pair Stock torsion...
  5. M

    SOLD  SoCal LX470 Rear Springs OEM or King Springs

    Looking for a pair of stock OEM rear springs for an LX470 with AHC. Would also consider a pair of King Springs. Located in SoCal or willing to ship. Thanks
  6. hotdogger

    Too much rake? SOS

    So in order to get a slight lift and increased payload in my LC 100, I had OME 863 springs installed in the rear. To counteract the rear lift, I had my mechanic crank the torsion bars to the max. From the center of the hub to the fender, I'm currently sitting at roughly 20.25" in the front...
  7. H

    Wanted  91-97 land cruiser front springs

    Looking for some stock 7 wrap front coil springs from a 91-97 fzj80 land cruiser. Willing to pay shipping to North Dakota.
  8. Brian Maenpaa

    vibration after 2-3" lift

    I recently installed OME lift springs on my 80. 2" inch up front and 3" in the rear so it's level under load. Everything is perfect under load, but when I'm light, I get vibration on the highway decelerating between 60-70 mph. I'm assuming its one of the drive shafts just out of its ideal...
  9. Kaid000

    For Sale  NorCal - OEM Springs for FZJ80

    Hello, I have for sale all four OEM springs for a FZJ80. I bought them in 2015 from Onur. I Wasn’t ready to do a restore so I stored them. I’ve since sold my 80 and am financially unstable and unable to buy another 80 and restore it anytime soon. Asking price is $800
  10. S

    Wanted  4Runner Guy, looking for front springs from an FJ80

    As the title states, I'm looking for some front LC springs for my 4Runner. Preferably only like a 7-8 wrap. Not looking for a huge lift. Open to anything though, just lmk.
  11. F

    SOLD  Slee off-road 2” lift rear coil springs

    Selling my slee off-road springs sku: SOF2RH They fit 98-07 Toyota Land Cruiser or lexus lx470. They give a 2” lift. Gently used and in great shape. These retail for $240 plus shipping and taxes from slee. masking $150 obo picked up from SoCal 90650.
  12. F

    For Sale  NEW*ARB Old Man EMU Front +Rear Shock Absorbers +Coil Springs Set For Toyota 4Runner

    I purchased these for my Toyota Prado in Costa Rica. When I tried to take them, Southwest Airlines would not allow them to be shipped. By the time I tried to return them to the Ebay seller, it was past the 90 day window so now I'm stuck with them. My loss could be your gain. I paid $889.27...
  13. CruiseLanderAZ

    source for new OEM springs (100 series)

    I'm trying to find some new OEM rear springs but most dealers either have it as a discontinued part or want about $400 for both springs. Anyone have a source for slightly used or new that is cheaper?
  14. TGJ80

    For Sale  SOLD - ARB Old Man Emu set of 4 Coil Springs. Almost New. Medium Lift. 2851 and 2860

    I just bought these ARB OME 2851 and 2860 medium lift springs on September 30th, but they were still too high for what I wanted so I switched them out yesterday. Please see attached photo of sales receipt. They have been mounted to my vehicle for the past month while I was waiting on my new...
  15. Drake2

    SOLD  Racine, WI 53177 - Pair of OEM FRONT springs from 02/1980 FJ40 (Fits 79-83) SCRAPPED

    I would like to sell this pair of stock OEM front springs from the 1980 FJ40 parts I picked up recently. I do not have the rear springs. Only price drop......$40 plus shipping for the pair. Next stop the dumpster.
  16. ColoradoSequoia

    Timbrens - work great for towing but... (FYI and advice needed)

    I tow a 5,500 dry weight travel trailer with my `13 LC. Without the AHC of the LX (and my previous 2nd gen Sequoia), I added Timbrens SES to level the ride and add additional support to the rear. Install: Install was straightforward. Removed existing bump stops on the frame and added the...
  17. C

    For Sale  1997 80 series parts

    Various parts for sale. Make a reasonable offer. Located near Sacramento, California. You pay for shipping. i prefer to sale local .
  18. Stricmic000

    AHC rough ride, with readouts from ecu

    Graduation test shows only 8 bars, the fluid has 20k miles on it, rear springs are OEM from 1999 and torsion bars have never been cranked. The ride has been getting significantly harsher in the last 15k miles and I have No leaks anywhere on the system (struts, accumulators and globes, pump)...
  19. NudeLobster

    For Sale  Tucson, AZ: Dobinsons C59-675v medium duty progressive rate long travel rear springs for 4Runner/ GX470/ GX460

    For sale in Tucson, AZ are my Dobinsons medium duty progressive rate long travel rear springs. 1.75" lift. Less than a year old. You don't need long travel shocks to use these. They are buttery smooth for a daily driver. I only replaced them with HD varients due to increased weight load...
  20. TNFJ80

    Parting Out  Knoxville, TN - 80 Series Brush Guard, Dobinson Springs, OEM Shocks

    I have some take offs from the vehicle I picked up a couple weeks ago. $200 - Brush Guard - Good shape, no dents, bends, broken pieces. Much more stout than I imagined when i saw it in pictures. Has some chipping paint on top bar. $100 - 2 month old Dobinson factory height front springs. I...
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