1. O

    SOLD  Cibie 45 Spot Lights - Houston

    NOS in box from the late 60's. Never used, minor imperfections on the backside stainless due to storage and some minor surface rust in the mounting hardware...other than that, nice pair. Notice the yellow "globe" surrounding the bulb, very rare set. $400.00 shipped.
  2. MaverickFiveO

    Flood lights in Fog Lamp location

    I've been searching on here, but I have not been able to find anything related to this. I would like to drop a pair of spot and flood lights in each side of the bumper where the fog lamps currently are. I know some people have put light bars down there, but I'm hoping to get a mixed pair on...
  3. Ndar

    Hzj76 prewired spotlight connection

    Hey all, I am new to this forum and am excited to discover new things about what you guys are doing to your trucks. I live in Senegal west Africa, I drive an hzj76 and if I ever want anything done to my truck I have to do it myself. I'm interested in knowing from those who have a 76 if these...
  4. Silveredition

    Spotlight wiring help

    Hi guys! I have fairly recently purchased an 88 HJ61, and am currently trying to sort out all the little things that my 83 HJ60 had (have so far connected a dual battery system, usb charger, UHF, rear Anderson plug, etc. I thought I had the spotlight wiring sorted, but they now only come on when...
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