1. masperk


    I'm looking for an SOR or other interior tire carrier for a 60/62. Thanks
  2. starclassic

    Wanted Single Rock Warrior wheel (IL or MO) - need for spare

    Looking for a 5th for a set of 4. Anywhere between Chicago and St. Louis?
  3. sunrk

    Do you cover your spare wheel(s) or not if on a rear carrier ?

    If you have a rear wheel carrier that holds spares behind the rear barn doors or tailgate, do you cover your spare(s) or just leave them uncovered? Given that the spare(s) are going to be getting bulk sun-time and never rotate on the spare wheel carrier(s), what's the likelihood that spare(s)...
  4. EliB

    FJ60 spare tire carrier

    Hey there! I'm new to the forum, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a tire carrier for my 1985 FJ60?
  5. S

    Wanted 80 Series Spare Tire Winch

    *** FOUND ONE *** Guy's, I'm looking for a good used 80 Series Spare Tire Winch... PM me if you can help.. $ 25.00 Thanks, Sharky
  6. lt1fire

    Anyone have a spare carfax?

    Just like the title says :cheers:
  7. gator25

    75 spare carrier on late model sill

    We got our sill from Real Steel Cruiser Parts along all the repair panels, with the exception of the small patches I got from @rkymtnflyfisher .(Thanks Ryan) After fretting about where exactly to mount the spare tire carrier, studying @TractorDoc pics, waiting on the right latch, finally got...
  8. Thomas08

    Wanted Spare Tire Carrier

    I am looking for a spare tire carrier complete with hinges for a Toyota FJ40 1974. I would like one that does not need much repair. I appreciate your response. Tom
  9. KC100series

    Wanted Wanted (1) 296/70R18 tire for a spare

    Howdy, I need to find (1) 295/70R18 tire for a spare. Currently running Cooper ST Maxx in that size and need to find a 5th for a spare. ST Maxx would be ideal but open to any type AT or MT tire in that size Located in KC, MO. Willing to travel close or pay shipping if seller is willing.
  10. Indygbd

    For Sale Spare tire catch (4 of them)

    Early spare tire carrier catches. 30.00 each plus shipping.
  11. Indygbd

    For Sale Fst model spare tire carrier

    This is a fst model spare tire carrier from a 1967 fj40. Designed to close around fold down tailgate latch. From an Arizona vehicle. Very clean carrier. 250.00 Plus shipping
  12. Redgrrr

    For Sale Fj80 spare tire hoist

    removed from my 94 in working order. Needs a little clean up but worked good. I'm ditching this setup and putting the spare on a custom bumper. $35 plus the ride. Send me a pm if your interested.
  13. mbarela

    Spare Tire

    Does anyone have a 285 75 R16 All terrain tire that is in good condition that they would be willing to Sell?
  14. PNWScooby

    Wanted 70 series spare tire carrier

    Looking for the spare wheel/tire carrier bracket that bolts to the rear door of a 70 series. Assuming they are the same on all models... correct me if I am wrong please! Hoping to ask the right crowd by posting here. Thanks!
  15. benjrblant

    Trail Hardware

    As a relative newcomer to the 80 offroading world, I've been researching (extensively) what constitutes a "trail spare" and when its a good idea to carry them. Read: some links below. (Many omitted because I don't want to write an essay.) Trail spare's must have's ? What's in the 80 for Rubicon...
  16. DirtScaresMe

    long-ish trip - thoughts on my spare parts / tools / gear

    I've got a 1994 FZJ-80. My buddy and I are doing the Mojave Road. It's ~140 miles off road from the Colorado River to Barstow, CA. I've heard 3 days is a good amount of time. Driving ~400 miles to get to the start and ~300 miles back. Tools: Good selection of sockets / wrenches, even my...
  17. E

    For Sale FJ60 Spare Tire Carrier

    fj60 Spare Tire Carrier. Excellent shape. Open to offers. No idea what it's worth.
  18. Trailortrash

    Wanted 1973 FJ40 spare tire latch

    Hello folks, I am in search of the hook mechanism attached to the rear sill of my 40 as the PO replaced the sill but did not put that part back on. I have the complete spare tire carrier. Oh, I'm also looking for the interior T handle for the back hatch and a gas tank door with hardware. See pics.
  19. tgell001

    Seeking advice for trail spares / considerations

    Been fixing up my 86 SAS 22RE auto 4runner on 35's to use mostly on the trails in the mountains and at the beach. Its Lincoln Locked so its not a great commuter. I'm a pretty solid back yard mechanic and I've been thoroughly going through this rig to tie up any lose ends. I'll be headed up to...
  20. B

    Stock Spare Tire Carrier

    I have changed my wheel / tire size and don't think I'll need the stock spare. When I went to remove it, I couldn't leave that chain hanging there and to remove the chain I had to remove the cross member. Do I need to put the cross member back? Does it add to the structural strength of the...
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