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  1. rvrats2

    A few spare parts for sale

    I haven't had my 100 for a while now but I can't stay away from Mud! I still have some parts kicking around. I'll send these off in exchange for shipping costs, maybe rounded up to the nearest dollar to make it easy. I work during the week with Wednesdays off and will be able to ship them then...
  2. benjrblant

    Trail Hardware

    As a relative newcomer to the 80 offroading world, I've been researching (extensively) what constitutes a "trail spare" and when its a good idea to carry them. Read: some links below. (Many omitted because I don't want to write an essay.) Trail spare's must have's ? What's in the 80 for Rubicon...
  3. DirtScaresMe

    long-ish trip - thoughts on my spare parts / tools / gear

    I've got a 1994 FZJ-80. My buddy and I are doing the Mojave Road. It's ~140 miles off road from the Colorado River to Barstow, CA. I've heard 3 days is a good amount of time. Driving ~400 miles to get to the start and ~300 miles back. Tools: Good selection of sockets / wrenches, even my...
  4. Aaroneous

    For Sale  Late model B Diesel for spare or parts

    ***SOLD*** Post-Aug 1980 B diesel removed because it suffered a coolant freeze and the block is cracked internally (confirmed). External parts and fueling / glow systems are fine, though. The oil cooler was just replaced. Clutch, pressure plate, and bell housing still attached. Make me an...
  5. Boz_10

    Any other Toyota models parts fit 100 Cruiser?

    Does anyone know whether other Toyota parts fit 100, as in the original shape/part? For example, would 2001 Sienna turn light be the same shape as the 100's? Or window switch, glove compartment door, cup holder, rear view mirror...or calipers, muffler, lug nut... you get the point. Any part...
  6. J

    Parts availability for FJ40/ BJ 40

    Hi everyone, i thought of asking this question here to get some generalideas as well as to help any new person who is going to buy a cruiser. What are your thoughts on the availability of spare parts for the Fj40/BJ40 in the coming years. Think 5-10 years down the line? Will an owner be able...
  7. SilverSixty

    Wanted  (1) ProComp Xterrain 33x12.5R15LT tire and fake bead lock rim

    Hello, I am looking to add a full size matching spare to my truck. I currently have a set of 4 ProComp Xterrain 33x12.5R15LT tires on fake bead lock rims as pictured. I am located in CT. If you have matching tire in good condition and/ or matching rim let me know. Thanks!
  8. Classic85

    1990 HDJ81 - Introducing "La Mia Bella Bestia"

    My Beautiful Beast Married July 1, 2015 into our loving family living in Chicago. Although a lady never tells; In November she will be a formidable 25 years old with just over 200,00KM (125,000 Miles), her weight is 2380kg (5250 Lb.), definite Sumo. When she was born she was worth $28,000usd...
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