1. MDarius

    Solutions for bad clear coat

    So, I picked up a 92 to fix and flip and the clear coat on the hood and fender flares is terrible. I know some people black out the hood. That's kind of a niche market for whether people like it or not. Aside from an expensive commercial repaint, what other solutions are out there? What else...
  2. tampacruiser95

    WiFi solutions for the 80

    What WiFi solutions are people using in the 80? I searched and see a lot of 100 owners with WiFi but not a lot of 80s. I am looking to run Amazon music or Google music but don't want to use my phone data plan. WiFi seems like a better option.
  3. Markuson

    Drawer Tie-Downs on Steroids

    Overkill? Probably. But solid as a rock, and super versatile for any number of individual items like fridge, boxes, microwave (yes, I'm running one after a win with a high power inverter), or temporary things like wheelchairs ( I know all about how rattle and slide-prone wheelchairs are!). You...
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