1. chap79

    Skid Plate Interest

    I stopped by Bent Motorsports in San Marcos (where we did the last safety inspection) and spoke to Dave about making some skid plates for the 80 series. Yes, there are multiple vendors currently selling some but shipping can add $100+ due to freight charges. And pursuing a local shop helps our...
  2. C

    For Sale  Not mine: 1969 FJ40

    Advertised as a 1969 FJ40 in Santa Clarita, CA.
  3. San Bernardino National Forest

    San Bernardino National Forest

  4. J

    Builds  jsig's lx470 build

    After hunting for a long long time, and fund became good. I had a few options to pick from local here in socal. Quite amazing since I always figured I'd be flying somewhere to purchase it. I found a decent clean copy in OC. It's a 2001 LX in vapor blue with more silver then blue, the 2nd...
  5. Ian Mac

    WTB / Recommendations for Sliders for 1997 FZJ80

    I recently bought a 1997 Land Cruiser 40th Anniversary Ed. I'm slowly but surely getting her ready for the trail...Any recommendations for sliders for a 1997 FZJ80 a.k.a. Lana? I know Slee Offroad makes a great product, but if there's other armor out there that's as good in quality but lower...
  6. fuzzywuzzy

    SOLD  //SEAT PURCHASED - Second Row Seat for FJ80 - SoCal/San Diego

    Prefer San Diego but can do Orange County for right price/quality. Color is not an issue but prefer cloth over leather.
  7. jaybird72

    2H Timing Diesel Tech in SoCal

    So, my injector pump was apparently in need of a rebuild so instead sourced an allegedly working pump from Canada. My mechanic (not a diesel expert) said he could put it in and he did. It is smoking a ton and is not running well. He claims the pump is bad but I have reason to believe that it...
  8. A

    For Sale  FZJ80 Rear Heater SoCal $50

    Complete working rear heater unit pulled from a '94. $50, pick it up in 92708 Fountain Valley CA
  9. suxel 450

    eBay  97 40th with diff locks 188k SoCal

    This is my rig. I was planning on a mild build on this one and enjoying for a while. But my wife is really enjoying our 100 series and prefers it for now over an 80. I have a 62 as well and currently that's been a blast to have around. Here's the link: eBay - Page Not Found Reserve is fairly...
  10. D

    For Sale  FJ80 OME caster bushings - SOcal

    Brand new never installed, i have two sets OMECA77B caster trailing arm bushings. Asking $80 OBO per set. Willing to ship, Text 714-414-5703 -David!
  11. shanester

    SoCal 60's!

    Hey guys! Visiting from the 100 series forum with a special request. I own a video production company here in San Diego and I have a shoot on Monday and Tuesday of next week (15th and 16th). I need to rent your 60 for ONE of those days! My brother once had a 60 which I loved, then he bought...
  12. csw266

    Wanted  A 98-99 UZJ100, stock or built (SoCal)

    Hello all, Looking for an LC 100, preferably 1998 or 1999 (lockers). Lower mileage preferred. Well documented maintenance records and clean history a big plus. Light mods a plus, e.g. tires, lift, diff drop, maybe bumpers. Stock condition also fine. I'm in the Los Angeles area but willing...
  13. shakotankei

    SoCal Mountain Rendezvous 2017

    Signups are open. Anyone planning on attending? I don't know if i'm going this year. Been hitting the books pretty hard and if next semester is anything like this one I won't have any free weekends to do anything fun.
  14. shanester

    For Sale  98-02 100 Series Headlights, Turn Signals, Grill, Socal

    I did a front end conversion on my 2002 Land Cruiser which updated it to the 2006-07 style. Absolutely not worth the effort, but I have some items in really good shape for sale. 1. Driver and passenger side headlights 2. Driver and passenger side turn signals 3. Grill This stuff is in...
  15. Grampys100

    For Sale  SoCal - 100 Series Custom Fold Out Queen Bed

    SOLD I hope this is in the right section. I apologize in advance if it isn't. $300 incl brand new memory foam mattress (bed and mattress used 3 times) I had this bed made for my LX 470 to sleep myself, my wife, and kid (450 lbs). Paid $425 total, used it 3 times, and now i'm selling the truck...
  16. SW20

    For Sale  1971 FJ40 Wiper Arms and Blades (SoCal)

    This came with a 1971 FJ40 Parts vehicle I no longer have. It was never installed on the vehicle but was wrapped together on the passenger side seat so I assumed it is for a 1971. Looks to be in good condition, no dents, but has the usual scuffs. Comes with everything you see. $65 plus...
  17. seth

    Any connections with SoCal Toyota?

    Hi guys, I'm looking at buying a 2017 Tacoma TRD OR LB, and wonder if anyone on the forums has good connections with someone in sales that has an appreciation for FJ40s and could work a good deal. If you've had a good experience with someone in the LA area, please let me know. I'm ready to...
  18. OEMFJ60

    Anyone is SoCal have OEM wheels?

    Looking for OEM wheels for my 85 FJ60 in SoCal with OEM hubcaps
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