1. M

    Pto winch slipping grinding under heavy load

    Hi, any ine who can point me into the right direction. My pto winch is slipping with gear noise under heavy load only. Checked the bronze gear in the winch and all splines on the drive shaft. All ok. Break pin replaced by 6mm bolt also still intact. Any thing in the pto it self that can...
  2. RufusTheDufus

    Clutch slipping or something else?

    I have an 84 JDM Hilux with the 2L diesel. Seems like maybe the clutch is starting to slip but it only happens in the 3rd to 4th gear transition when I'm accelerating pulling a 800 pound snowmobile trailer/sled combo. It's really strange. It doesn't appear to slip with no load, even when...
  3. T

    Center Difflock slipping

    This is on a 93 non VC x case. If I am stationary and activate my cliff lock switch, the cliff light comes on solid and ABS deactivates. Today, once I start driving, the center diff light would start flashing and I can hear/feel the cdiff disengaging. If I continue to drive it will lock...
  4. N

    Front differential slipping in 4 low under strain.

    This past weekend I did some light off-roading here in Virginia in my new to me 87' FJ60. It is bone stock which is the way I like it. So whenever I was going up a steep incline where I needed 4 low once the vehicle came under strain the front dif sounded like it was slipping and not sending...
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