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  1. marchthroughathens

    OEM step P/N?

    Been searching for roof rack side steps, like these. Looked through HZJ, HDJ, and international FZJ 80 variation parts schematics, and nothing is popping up. Are these just dealer or aftermarket add on? If so, can someone point me the right direction?
  2. mpark525

    For Sale  2004 LX470 OEM Running Boards with Brackets - Blizzard Pearl

    Hi everyone, I'm selling my oem running boards along with the metal brackets for a Blizzard Pearl '04 LX470 The hardware to attach the boards to the bracket is also included, but the bolts to attach the brackets to the vehicle is not. All the lights work on the boards. $200 obo, local pickup...
  3. mchlhmltn

    FREE  1993 Land Cruiser side steps Cle, OH FREE

    I took off my side steps and they are just taking up room. If anyone had an extra steering column cover I would trade for that but quite honestly just come get them if you want them.
  4. hiphiproy

    For Sale  OEM Side Steps Lexus LX470/100-Series

    $140 + Plus shipping. Taken from 2000 Lexus LX470. Smokey Topaz. 2nd owner. In great condition. Located in Atlanta and willing to negotiate if local and picking up.
  5. phi1osopher

    For Sale  [Austin, TX] 1999 100Series LandCruiser original Rear Bumper + hardware, Side Steps and Spoiler $50

    I removed and replaced my rear bumper from my 1999 Toyota LandCruiser. The LandCruiser is the dark metallic blue color, and the bumper is a dark grey/ slate grey color. The bumper is in good condition with the one flaw highlighted in a photo beneath the rear left reflector. The mounting...
  6. hiphiproy

    For Sale  2000 Lexus LX 470 Side Steps Like New

    Color: Smokey Topaz Mica No scratches, really great condition, never taken off-road. One-owner LX. Asking for $175 plus $150 shipping for the pair.
  7. Dalton wyatt

    FREE  80 series side steps & brushguard

    I took off my 97 side steps & brush guard. Im in the Sacramento area free to any mud members who wanna pick them up. Don't wanna deal with shipping. Pm me if interested.
  8. indycole

    For Sale  200 Series OEM Side Steps SF Bay Area

    I've had my OEM side steps in storage since I got Slee sliders last fall. The side steps are in excellent condition and were originally on my 2016 200 Series LC. $300 Here's the part list of everything included in the assembly along with online prices. Molding L 5178260251 - $28.80 Rear...
  9. L

    For Sale  Pair of running boards from 1998 Land Cruiser (100 Series)

    Pair of excellent running boards, taken off my 1998 Land Cruiser 100 Series truck. Have all bolts. Located in Denver, CO. $100 OBO.
  10. Deo Singh

    For Sale  FJ80 Manik Side Steps (Valencia, CA, USA)

    Manik Side Steps for FJ80/80-series For Sale Reason for Sale: I replaced them with rock sliders Condition: Fair - could use some TLC (pun intended). The bars are structurally sound. Needs a wipe down, maybe rust remover in some spots (How to Remove Rust from Metal), maybe a coat of spray paint...

    Wanted  OEM 80 Series Aluminum running boards (non US)

    Mudders, I am looking for a set of 80 series Land Cruiser OEM aluminum runnng boards (side steps) that came on Japanese and other non-US market 80 series land cruisers. Any help would be appreciated. Will pay good $ for a nice set.
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