1. dnp

    Parting Out Accidental repost

    Very sorry! Accidental repost of a new thread from last week. If anyone can advise me on how to remove this entirely, I will do it.
  2. dnp

    Parting Out FJ60 rolling chassis and body shell

    UPDATE: SEE LINK AT BOTTOM I have parted out the bulk of my '85 FJ60, and what I have left for sale is a pretty solid (definitely workable) body shell, on a good frame (surface rust only, from what I could find), with front and rear complete axles Below are general photos of what I have...
  3. fj40z

    How to mount camper shell to '87 2wd bed

    Trying put a topper on and with no inner lip I'm looking for ideas to accomplish with as little hole drilling as possible. Would like to keep from bolting it to the bed rails and use modern style clamps so I could remove the topper as easily as possible. Any ideas?
  4. RojoFJ62

    Wanted Red passenger door shell for 89 fj62

    shipped to 92627 in Costa Mesa CA. Please message me if you have one you are looking to sell. Thanks!
  5. ethernectar

    For Sale ARE DCU Utility Cap/Shell

    This shell has been on my 2012 Tundra for a few years. It is very functional and practical. I've used it a lot for camping and hauling equipment. I'm going to be moving to a pop-up camper in the future so need to find a new home for this one. 6-1/2' bed Rear door opens up to provide...
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