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  1. F

    Security Systems

    Looking for a security system for my 87 60. Finishing things up on the restoration and want something robust: GPS, etc.. Like a dash cam too. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance, Paul Benson
  2. K

    Land Cruiser Model 100 Intermittent Security Light/Immobilizer Issue

    My 2000 Land Cruiser has 4 master keys and one valet key programmed into the ECU. With the car cool, all five keys turn the security indicator light off and start the car. If I drive the car a few miles and turn it off, none of the MASTER KEYS will work. But, the VALET key still works (Security...
  3. Beej

    If my factory security system isn't working, can I just buy another RS3000 unit?

    Hey folks, I've tried all kinds of fobs but can't seem to get them to pair. I'm tempted to buy another alarm unit and try that. Anyone have experience doing this? When I try and follow the instructions for pairing (tried three different fobs that people reportedly had success with), I get...
  4. Ohanlon

    VIP RS3000--where's the ECU?

    Dear Friends at IH8, anyone know where the heck they put the ECU on the port/dealer installed VIP RS3000 security system in a 1998 FZJ75??? Mine is NOT under the driver's seat, it is NOT visible when the stereo head unit is out, it is NOT visible through the ashtray, and I did not see any sign...
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