1. Dustin Messina

    SOLD  SD40 Carb

    Would like to find a large window sd40 that would be correct for my 65’ 45. If someone has one laying around let me know. Thanks
  2. kylenine

    For Sale  SD-40 Big Window

    Selling my big window SD-40 Carburetor. Date stamp 4 L 7 (December 7, 1964). What you see in the pictures is what you get, seems to be complete (it is missing one bolt right under "Nagoya, Japan" stamp). The backdrop piece behind the window is grey. Sadly, PO decided it would be a good idea to...
  3. Krondor

    SD-40 Possible Production pt.2

    Hey guys. I started a thread on the SD40 carb production a while back on the FJ40 forum. I figured that I would give you guys an update and move the thread over to this group. So far I have contacted 2 different borosilicate glass manufacturers. (same stuff as pyrex) Both have no quoted the...
  4. Krondor

    Wanted  Air Cleaner for single barrel carb

    I am looking for a paper element air cleaner that would fit an SD40 carb.
  5. Krondor

    SD-40 Carburetor Breather?

    Hey Guys, I have an Aisan SD-40 that I am attempting to rebuild. While going through the parts diagram, I noticed that my carb has an additional breather/port that I can not find on any other SD-40. Here is a picture of the part in question. The diagram specifies this part as a float...
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