rust removal

  1. Beehanger

    Rust on brand new rebuild engine

    why the hell is there rust on my brand new rebuilt engine? It’s not in the cylinders but it’s all across the sides etc. There’s gaps in the plastic wrap and there’s patches of rust on there! The head and the block... hmmm... it sat in my car for 3 weeks is all, how can I get this off?
  2. ohchaucer

    2000 FJ100 Purchase Advice - Rust

    Hi, all you mudders! I currently have an 86 FJ60 but have a line on 2000 FJ100 that I wouldn't mind adding to the collection. The only issue is that it was born and (very lovingly) raised in Connecticut so has some rust on the undercarriage. I would mainly use this as my drive-to-the-train...
  3. Dr Awkward

    Rusty Dash Guage Fix

    Getting ready for a 30th birthday on my BJ74 LX Auto Turbo 24v. Decided to clean the dash gauges. At night they were getting hard to read. Still have the original lights and they are pretty dim. Anyway. After dismantling the unit I was surprised to find the numbers and lines have a metal base...
  4. CaptClose

    Oh nooooo..... RUST!

    I was washing my cruiser off a while back and came across this bubble on the bottom of the passenger rear quarter panel. I know it doesn’t look like much compared to most cruisers out in the wild, but I thought I was clean. After consulting with my Land Cruiser support group @OSS @CenTXFJ60...
  5. Swampfox58

    RCMP...Has Anyone Tried This Stuff?

    Rust Sergeant RCMP, 1 gallon If you scroll down there are some cheesy but interesting videos.
  6. gregnash

    Self-Etching Primer?

    Ok so what am I doing wrong here.. Last summer I took my front lower cowl off my FJ60 (the part that the headlight squirters mount to) as I had a few rust spots. I took it down to bare metal, cleaned well, took out ALL rust including the one small section that was rusted through. Then threw a...
  7. Roverman

    FJ 40 Full Restoration, Looking for Advice on Rust Removal

    I am starting a full restoration on an 79 FJ40. Does anyone have experience on grit blasting the tub on top and underside to remove rust. I was planning on using rust removal solvent such as POR 15. My buddy who will do the weld repairs says I should grit blast. That way we will know where...
  8. Output Shaft

    My Three Minute Restoration

    Well since I've been crawling around on everyone else's threads for a long time now, I thought I would finally share a little too. Since we've all seen the same ole, same ole, I thought I'd just get it out of the way and dump my entire car cleanup photo reference library folder into QuickTime...
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