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  1. HeatherLP

    For Sale  1989 Rust Free FJ62

    Just listed my 1989 FJ 62 on Bring A Trailer, super sweet ride, totally rust free, rebuilt transmission with under 10k miles on it, clean carfax and title. Details and pics on the listing here: 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62
  2. sledge916

    For Sale  1983 FJ60 Toyota Land Cruiser Rust Free Arizona v-8 Super Clean $27,500.00

    SOLD SOLD SOLD for $27,000.00 I am an Mudd member helping a busy guy sell this stunning Land Cruiser. He did not have the time or experience to take good photos of his Cruiser & that is why he asked my wife & I to help out. Part of our speciality at Adventure Driven is providing high...
  3. gerg

    For Sale  Sedimentator clean rust free

    As it states, clean and rust free inside and out. 75$ Shipping included.
  4. S

    Wanted  Rust Free FJ40

    I'm searching for a decent condition, FJ40 in or near Arkansas. Not interested in a project truck. Just looking for a decent, moderately priced truck (LOL. Who isn't?) Any leads you have would be appreciated.Thanks.
  5. arcteryx

    Parting Out  1999 100 series, Green/Tan, Rust Free Texas

    email me for fastest response. Booster is sold, rest is there Photo album
  6. Indygbd

    For Sale  Sold... 1975-1983 Rust Free FJ40 doors

    I have a set of 1975-1983 rust free FJ40 doors. They came on a project fj40 that I purchased from California. No rust at all. They are spray painted black to match the truck they were on, however they are spotless and complete. I am asking $700.00 for the pair.
  7. A

    For Sale  1996 LX450 drivers side doors, rust free

    For Sale: I have a front and rear drivers side door off of a 1996 LX450. Front door is excellent, cladding is all good, mirror works, power window does not. Rear door is in good shape, the cladding is gone due to a blow out, but the sheet metal is fine, power window works. No rust in either...
  8. etxfj62

    For Sale  1988 fj62 2fe h55auto dd trade for tractor

    Hey guys, a sad day making this choice but recent purchase of some land leaves me needing a tractor and less time to enjoy my cruiser. It is 1988 fj62 2fe (yes 2f block 3f head and injection) it is my dd runs 70mph straight as an arrow consistent 13mpg city/hwy avg has very noticable power...
  9. jamesurq

    Trade  No longer for sale - please remove

    Truck is now off the market. sorry - mods please remove.
  10. Kristen Garza

    For Sale  1992 Land Cruiser - Trail Ready - Rust Free - Auto - 206k

    I am selling my 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser. The original color is silver but it is wrapped in OD green to protect the paint. The engine starts without any issue and no white smoke out of the tailpipe. This vehicle has been maintained and serviced by Javier's Auto Unlimited in Houston who...
  11. georgebj60

    Wanted  rust free donor body, FJ60

    Hi there. I'm looking for a rust free FJ60 donor truck. I have a complete-but-rusted-out HJ60 I'd like to swap into a new body. Ideally a complete Pacific North West truck that is not running, or not running well. Interior condition not a concern. I'm in Vancouver, Canada so shipping from...
  12. tplane2

    Wanted  08-13 SoCal. Not afraid of miles. 25-45k

    Keeping the "Wanted" threads going here in the for sale section. Looking for a stock, rust free, well maintained, higher mileage (<150k) LC. No LXs at this time. Prefer black, green (yeah right), mag grey then white. I actually tried to snag the mag grey 160k LC in Phoenix but it was pending...
  13. corbinwelter

    Wanted  Wanted, UZJ100 Under 15k, Needs to be rust free. No Gold color, Colorado

    Im looking for pretty much any year UZJ100, rust free, less than 220k miles. Color has to be anything other than Gold. I live in Colorado Springs but willing to pay shipping for a nice truck. Let me know what you got. thanks
  14. Dudleyfj40

    Wanted  78 rust free Ambi doors needed

    I'm posting for a friend looking for rust free ambulance doors. Shipping preferred to Iowa
  15. Tank5

    For Sale  FJ40 Rust Free Barn Doors, NM

    I am selling a set of rust free barn doors. They come with all the hinges and latches pictured. Rust free means no cancer rust they do have a little surface rust but nothing more than that. No significant dents, they look pretty straight. Asking 450.00 350.00 300.00 for the set buyer pays...
  16. 3

    For Sale  1996 Lexus LX450 100% Rust Free + Lockers ALL ORIGINAL MUST SELL !

    I am selling my 1996 Lexus LX450 ( Toyota Land Cruiser ) with 173,550 original miles on it. The truck has never been in an Accident and is 100% Rust free. It is equipped with factory FRONT & REAR LOCKERS ! The truck starts, runs, and drives just as it should. It does not leak any types of fluids...
  17. J

    For Sale  1988 FJ62 Portland Oregon

    Selling my 1988 FJ62. Very clean inside and out. No rust. 277K on the truck. Engine rebuilt at 268k. Bumpers and wheels are plasi-dip black and can be resored to original chrome. Black roof is a vinyl wrap that can also be removed. Original paint on roof is in good shape with the exception of...
  18. Mirraco2032

    Wanted  Looking for daily fj80

    interested in a daily driver thats under 150xxx miles. MUST HAVE FACTORY LOCKERS. The less rust the better please. Preferably be lifted, but mainly looking for it to be clean. Budget is 8k thanks guys
  19. dhny

    For Sale  1982 FJ60 in NYC. Stunning Sky Blue restoration

    Started with a very clean west coast FJ60, in the rare Sky Blue 861 color. Complete body restoration, striving for a museum-like quality daily driver. Mileage is around 200k, runs great, interior in great shape, 2-3" lift. There are many restored FJ40's out there but not too many FJ60's, so...
  20. YosarianRem

    For Sale  1986 FJ60- Fresh motor, 5-speed, rust free, NM

    I am selling my 1986 Toyota Landcruiser. It’s a great rig and has taken me countless places over the years, but I’m now in the market for a Mercedes Sprinter and it must go. It has been very well taken care of and serviced either by a Toyota dealer or Bill’s Toy Shop ( a Toyota Master...
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