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  1. Mustard yellow

    Roll cage fixations on Body

    Hello, does anybody know the measures of the four fixations of a Roll cage to the body? Are welded plates necessary? Any information about this item will be welcome. Cheers from Spain!
  2. B

    For Sale  Roll bar OEM good conditon with pads

    Minor surface rust. No chips or cracks. Pads in good shape. All the hardware for attaching the arms included. Hard to find oem in this condition. I bought in error since I have long jumpseats that wont fit with this NA spec roll bar. $850 obo.
  3. F

    For Sale  4sale FJ40 cage $350

    I’ll take $350 for it. Pick up in Haleyville al
  4. socaloffroad


    I am sorting through all my parts and found this buried in my garage. Hoping you guys can help me identify exactly what it fits. I want to say its a FJ55 roll cage. FREE TO WHOEVER COMES AND GETS IT FIRST roll cage by socaloffroad posted Nov 23, 2018 at 10:28 AMroll cage by socaloffroad posted...
  5. CalnSam

    For Sale  FJ40 rollcage family size

    Located in Minneapolis area, can deliver anywhere for a cost. This roll cage was in a cruiser my dad bought, i believe it’s totally custom, it’s definitly over built and has quite a bit of headroom even in the rear. That being said it does not fit under a hard top, which is why I’m selling...
  6. BeerM3

    Help needed critiquing this roll cage

    Hey all, New FJ40 owner, new to the forum, etc. etc. I recently purchased a '76 FJ40 and will soon be in the process of fixing it to be a daily driver with offroad potential in a few years. But out of the gate I'm having trouble deciding what to do with the roll cage. It's unlike any I've...
  7. stock

    Troll hole top using roll cage as bows

    So I'm going to get a Troll hole top, but I have no bows and I need a roll cage. Anyone combine the two? Why not? Save a lot of dough.
  8. marketShark

    craigslist  93' LAND CRUISER UTV TEXAS

    NOT MINE WOW, never seen this done with an 80 before... its like a giant ATV/ UTV/ LC "condition:excellent" lol :rofl: and all for $3,900! 93' LANDCRUISER UTV
  9. SoCal FZJ80

    Bolt in Safety Roll Cage for 80 Series Land Cruiser Lexus LX450 HDJ81 FJ80

    Would anybody be interested in family style all 3 rows safety cage for their 80 series? Testing market. Post up your thoughts and if a product like this was made available, what features or options would you find important or valuable?
  10. tstepp920

    Roll Cage and Defrost Vents

    will the front posts of a aftermarket rollcage interfere with your 2 side window defrost vents. Post some photos of yours. Thanks
  11. TwelveGravity

    Wanted  [CA] FJ40 Full Profile Roll Cage

    I am looking to soon purchase a full profile roll cage for my 1980 FJ40. I have been looking at Metal Techs cage and may plan to go with that but wanted to check Mud first. If anyone might be looking to change their 40 up it would help out the two of us. Located Central Valley California. Thank you
  12. fj40taz

    For Sale  front part of a roll cage

    I have the front part of the roll cage I cut out of my FJ40. located in south jersey.. zip code 08360 vineland / newfield area. no idea what to ask... so lets start with $75 bucks????????????
  13. TacoJonn

    Dash pad for '40 with Roll Cage

    Hey guys, Sorry for the poor image, but as you can circled, my FJ40 that I recently inherited from my late father does not have a dash pad. I am not sure if he never got around to it, or finding one with a roll cage compatibility was an issue. I would like to add one if possible. Do...
  14. T

    For Sale  SOR 40 Series Sport Bar plus Profile Front Roll Cage Kit

    Brand new, never installed SOR 40 Series Sport Bar plus a Profile Front Roll Cage Kit made by Metal Tech. Also included are two FJ40 Front overhead bars. Local pickup only. Price = $600. Consider the fact that you are not paying shipping on any of these items.....I have incurred those costs...
  15. joker77535

    In search of Roll Bar???

    Hey guys I recently picked up a 1988 BJ70 FRP from Japan. I'm running into a slight search problem and need some help. I'm trying to locate the rear roll bar to install rear seat belts. Any info would be greatly appreciated whether someone knows someone that has one they are trying to sell or...
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