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  1. DasKeyserSoze

    SOLD  Mead, OK: Set of 5 RockWarriors (PowderCoated Black) with TPMS, Lugs, Center Caps, and 33" Nitto Ridge Grapplers

    Getting new wheels/tires while passing through Mead, OK (coming from San Diego, CA), so ideal for PickUp in Mead, OK. Tires have about 10k miles on very good condition; ~90% tread. Asking $1800
  2. K

    For Sale  5 Rock Warriors 5x150 Utah

    I’ve got a set of 5 rock warriors $1250 for the set. Includes lugs and new center caps. I get a lot of messages about selling just one. I am selling these as a set. Local only.
  3. JWick

    SOLD  IL, Rock Warrior Wheels, BFG KO2's, Spacers, TPMS and Yellow Box

    Up for sale I have a complete starter kit that I used to have on my 2006 LC. Included is as follows: (4) Rock Warrior Wheels No bends and in great shape (4) LT285/70R17 BFG KO2 C Load Range Basically brand new, less than 2k miles No repairs or patches Already road force...
  4. ProBoy

    LC200ER(extended range) Build

    After long but thrilling incremental upgrades, my rig has finally got the cloth and shoes and is ready to tackle the Yukon Highway. What do you think? Pictures Instagram Account Big appreciation to Ward from LongRangeAmerica; Georg from Cruiser Brothers, Stockton, CA; David from Trekboxx...
  5. DPA200

    SOLD  Phoenix AZ - 2 Single 17" TRD Forged Rock Warrior wheels - 5x150

    I have 2 extra 17" Rock Warriors for sale. Local or ship. Part number PTR45-34120 17x8 Wheel #1 $225 + shipping This wheel is in good shape, but i scratched rock ring up pretty good when i was trying to get the tire off at home. Probably could be buffed out, it was in perfect shape before i...
  6. BigBlueTLC

    For Sale  Rock Warrior Rims (3)

    *located in Davidson, NC* Selling 3 rock warrior rims. I already have a set of 4 but needed a spare. They currently have KO2s mounted with minimal tread left. Pictures will be posted shortly. All in good shape, slight wear. Asking $275/rim. Local pickup preferred.
  7. smakee

    For Sale  SOLD

    I have a set of four Rock Warrior wheels for sale that I was going to use two of for a trailer plan that never materialized. They are in nice shape, and lugs and center caps are included. $1000 is what I bought them for, and that’s what I’m willing to sell them for. Preference would be to sell...
  8. BLKTRD13

    For Sale  17" TRD RIMS (TEXAS)

    I have a set (4) of 17" 5 lug TRD FORGED wheels. These are OEM takeoffs. Taken off a 2013 Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior Edition. These wheels are in flawless condition, they were taken off the same day the truck was bought brand new. They have been in storage ever since. asking price is $1800. If...
  9. starclassic

    Wanted  Single Rock Warrior wheel (IL or MO) - need for spare

    Looking for a 5th for a set of 4. Anywhere between Chicago and St. Louis?
  10. bryson

    For Sale  4 Rock Warrior wheels $900 in Utah

    *****SOLD***** Selling for a trusted friend. 4 Rock Warrior wheels in good shape, with OEM center caps included. NO lug nuts. There is small area of corrosion visible on each wheel near the rock ring, but the rings have not been pulled off to inspect further. I run these lug nuts on mine...
  11. Markuson

    SOLD  Rock Warrior Set of 4

    I have a very nice set of Rock Warriors for sale. I run Rock Warriors on my own beast, and came into possession of these recently. Even though this set is in far better shape than my own...other mods are needed so this sale will go to my mod fund. :) Not the greatest photo. Oh! I also have a...
  12. DPA200

    Events/Trails  Moab in July

    Heading to Moab for a few days in July and am looking for camping and trail suggestions. I'll be in a lifted 200, 33" KO2's on 17" Rock warriors, BudBuilt sliders, but no other armor. Factory skids and no bumpers or winch. This will be my 1st time off-road in Moab. I have some experience, but...
  13. LouisianaRubicon

    Wanted  Rock warrior wheels Kansas City/ Dallas/ Louisiana

    Looking for a set of 5 but would take a set of 4. Will also take a set with tires (depending on the tire). I'm willing to pay for shipping but not with tires.
  14. ProBoy

    TRD 17' Rock warrior forged wheels

    Hello Friends, I have being trying to make a purchase on the TRD rock warrior wheels for my 2018 LC200, does anyone knows a good vendor or store sells it? Thank you
  15. MudHut

    For Sale  TRD Rock Warrior wheels with Blizzak tires

    This is my Craigslist post for a set of TRD Rock Warrior wheels. Located in Roanoke, VA 24019 Not willing to separate the set. Shipping would be a bear but if you want to pay for it... See the ad for specifics please. Toyota TRD Rock Warrior wheels with Blizzaks Thanks, Jay and yes...
  16. offr0adlim0

    For Sale  PTR27-60110 TRD Wheel Install Kit NEW

    SOLD. For sale PTR27-60110 TRD OEM lugnuts. Brand new set. Includes 16 spline drive lugnuts, 4 locks with TRD etched in them, 1 spline drive tool and one key in frustration free packaging. $135 shipped
  17. DPA200

    Rock Warrior lug and tool question

    I put 17" Rock warriors on my 200 a while back. Recently i realized i don't have a tool to remove these lugs as the stock tool on on the LC isn't long enough to fit over the smooth center part. The CR guy that i bought the rock warriors off had them on a Tundra and he gave me these generic lugs...
  18. T

    For Sale  10mm Wheel Spacers - 100 Series

    New in box, never mounted, Motorsport Tech wheel spacers for 100 series front hubs. 10mm thick 5x150 bolt pattern in ALUMINUM. Commonly used to allow fitment of rock warrior or similar aftermarket wheels. I bought for this reason, but have since sold the wheels. I paid $95 with shipping and...
  19. T

    For Sale  Tundra Rock Warrior Wheel set - 17" $600

    Long time lurker, but first post. I know its fishy that my first post is selling, but I will only meet in person for this sale so you can look the wheels over and make sure this is legit! PM me if you want my phone number to discuss. Located in Nashville, TN and not willing to ship right now...
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