receiver hitch

  1. Trout Cruiser

    For Sale  Gainesville, GA - Man A Fre 2" Receiver Hitch - *J60/62

    Slightly used Man-A-Fre 2" receiver hitch from my 1987 HJ60. Bolted this to my rig for approximately three months before removing for a restoration. During the work, I purchased a rear frame from SOR which included a welded hitch, so this has been sitting wrapped up in my garage. This hitch...
  2. Gretsch

    Wanted  FJ60 2-inch Reciever Hitch

    Looking for a 2-inch receiver for an '84 FJ60. Square tube preferred. Would prefer one local to 75025 but depending on cost may entertain having it shipped. Thanks
  3. KUpchu9702

    100 series rear bumper rated for towing?

    I am looking for an off-road rear bumper that can tow up to the 100's towing capacity of 6500 lbs. I presently have a Slee rear bumper with swingouts. It has a receiver on it, but Slee does not rate it, therefore no idea of what it is capable of towing. Does anyone know of anything available to...
  4. A

    P/N for a front receiver hitch ?

    Does anybody have a p/n for a front receiver hitch for an 80 series ? I'm wondering if it will cross reference to a more common rear receiver hitch for another vehicle, I might be able to grab at a pick&pull ?
  5. dirtrick

    For Sale  80 series 2" receiver

    I integrated a receiver into the frame of my 80 and don't need the bolt-on one anymore. This is the one that bolts underneath the frame. Pick up only in 84321. Plenty of rust. Asking $40
  6. B y r o n

    Another Carrier Built

    Well like many of you out there the factory tire carrier can no longer handle the job properly. Mine gave up the ghost years ago when the 33-12.5x15 Winston Fun and Muds caused the body to crack at the upper mount. I then upgraded to an aftermarket version that would also carry one gas can on...
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