rear suspension

  1. kd5kuu

    Is something wrong with my rear suspension?

    Hi all - I am new to Land Cruisers and Toyota's in general, so I'm hoping to draw on the collective experience of this wonderful community. I bought my completely stock 2014 Land Cruiser in June of 2017 with 22,000 miles from a Land Rover dealer who took it on trade. So far, it's been an...
  2. Bluetribal

    Advice on rear lift suspension W/ ICON 2.5 Extended Travel Front Coilovers

    I scored some used/re-built ICON coilovers that are adjustable from 0"-3.5" of lift, but they happen to be extended travel which I really don't need. I was only planning on doing a 2" lift because I want to keep things some-what mild for when I get a travel trailer to tow. I already have lightly...
  3. F

    2006 LX 470 rear suspension issue

    hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and have a 2006 lx 470 with 115k miles that the rear suspension lost ride height while driving. It now seems like it is just riding on the rear coil springs only,will "bottom out" easily and sits low in the rear. There are no blinking or unusual lights on...
  4. bajaphile

    For Sale Old Man Emu 863J Springs (Rear FZJ80)

    Sorry no pictures right now, I can get some later if you'd like. I had run these springs for 11,000 miles. I had to switch to 864's in the rear due to weight. These are the J springs and yield roughly 4" of lift. I'd like to get $100 for them. I'm assuming it will be $20-30 to ship these...
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