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  1. Ross

    Wanted Rear Upper Tailgate 80 Series

    In need of a a rear upper tailgate. Preferably beige but will take any color rust free. ‘93 FZJ80 Thx
  2. gator25

    Width between corner channels 1975 40

    I'll be replacing rear sill and corner channels, and need a few measurements please. I found where some one had said 41 1/16" another 41 3/8", I'd like to have the distance of both inside edges. As in pics. 1) where the quarter wraps around 2) the major opening The corners are in pretty bad...
  3. RHG1979

    For Sale FJ 40 (post 75) ambulance doors

    Selling these on Ebay, but happy to drop the price and sell directly here on mud. Also, potentially trade for an ARB front bumper (new) or some other such thing. FJ 40 Rear Ambulance Doors -- from 1975 FJ 40 Holler for pictures or email me Robert.Harris.Gardner (at)
  4. Spaceballs

    Wanted FJ62 Drivers side rear door - Gray

    WTB Drivers side rear door - Gray color.
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