1. mrjordann

    Where should I buy a radiator?

    Hello! New to cruisers. I just bought my first (1973 FJ40). My truck's radiator has a huge section punctured and cut out. Needless to say, it needs to be replaced. My question is-- where should I get a radiator? What's the best place to find a quality radiator (or any engine parts)? Thanks in...
  2. rghouse

    thinking about going Alum Rad-3FE

    Hi Mudders, I am thinking about swapping out my stock rad with an Aluminum radiator being that I still cannot solve my cooling issues (idling A/C on in heat) and am scared to take trips involving traffic (HW 80 is off limits now). Can I get some feed back from owners (especially those running...

    KOYO rad 'made in china'? = lasted 18 months

    A little over a year and half ago, the original TRAD OEM radiator sprung a leak via a hairline crack on the upper right plastic tank top; 20 years of service. Ordered up a koyo C1917, 3 core copper (vendor stated made in Japan), Received a koyo A1918 made in China, 2 core Aluminum; was...
  4. cult45

    Clutch Fan Re-grease Write Up

    Found this while researching. Bookmark it! Tuning and Understanding your Toyota Viscous Fan Clutch
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