1. mccaleb77

    For Sale  Utah - FJ40 full size Tradesman roof rack

    Fj40 roof rack. Full length. Has runners that go full length of rain gutter for better weight distribution. Asking $700 OBO thanks for looking. Mike
  2. samP504

    Roof rack sheet metal mounts

    I have seen this somewhere and am ready to bring it to a metal shop to see if they can fabricate these for me. Does anybody on this forum have any idea what is the actual measurement of these pieces? I can see the measurements where the bend lines are and can probably guestimate from there but...
  3. TheGateKeeper

    SOLD  Los Angeles: ProSpeed rack for Series 100 & LX 470 - brand new unassembled - $700

    Hi all, I am selling my brand new ProSpeed rack I purchased for my series 100. I just purchased this in the last month but I was forced to sell my rig after my wife lost her job before I had a chance to assemble and install it. My rack has the full fairing, not the fairing with the light bar...
  4. K

    SOLD  SLC, UT. 100 series rack and pinion for 1999. OEM, new 400.00

    Bought this for a full front end refresh almost 5 years ago, new in open box. No longer own vehicle Will include 2 outer imparts brand outers I have. Located in salt lake city, ut. Eight o 1 440 five nine 91.
  5. ikellymo

    For Sale  CA, SF Bay Area: Grey Metallic Factory Roof Rack, 2003 LX470

    Hi All, I am selling my metallic grey 1E9 Lexus OEM factory roof rack with all the hardware. The plastic covers have some sun spots on them and one of the clips is *slightly* warn. other than that, the rack is in good condition. I could also provide the factory cover strips, but they are...
  6. F

    SOLD  SOCAL NEW gobi rack wind deflector

    selling my BRAND NEW gobi wind deflector that came with my rack. its never been installed, comes with all original hardware. fits both regular and stealth racks offered by gobi. It was for a 100, but i think they will work on others as well, please check with gobi for fitment. retail is $150...
  7. F

    For Sale  Factory roof rack 100 series, cross bars, caps, all hardware included $150

    Selling my factory roof rack off my 99 LC. Includes both crossbars, 4 caps, all hardware (minus 2 torx bolts), center legs (no pictured). too extreme care when removing. caps are in excellent shape, no cracks. cross bars are peeling from years under the sun. 2 missing torx were for the center...
  8. acc1

    My New Gamiviti Rack

    After researching racks for awhile to go on my FJ60, I finally purchased one from Gamiviti. My main criteria was 1. low profile and 2. one piece design. There are several great choices on the market these days and it can be hard choosing which rack to go with, but I kept going back to Gamiviti...
  9. Jczajka

    SOLD  Philadelphia - Whiteline poly steering rack bushings - 100 series

    SOLD Brand new Whiteline 100 series polyurethane steering rack bushing kit. Part number: W13210 New in bag, just opened to check them out. $35 shipped to anywhere in the US. I'm in Penn Valley, PA 19072 if someone local wants to pick them up.
  10. aviafx

    SOLD  SF Bay Area // Kargo Master Safari Roof Rack // FJ60

    Hey all, Selling a Kargo Master Safari basket/rack. 52" wide x 60" long, 6.5" high from the top of the roof on my 60. It's been a great basket rack, from hauling mainly kayaks, a spare tire, plywood, and luggage. I can stand up on it and move loads around without an issue. Not sure how old it...
  11. MiataBriggs

    SOLD  Dallas, TX, ROOF RACK 60/80 series

    BUMP $600 OBO Bought this roof rack about 6 months ago, it's all custom-made and really well-built however I keep having to fix the mounts on it because the shims I use only last a few weeks before it starts rattling again. I was going to just get an ARB mounting kit and weld it on but I've just...
  12. krice118

    For Sale  Misc OEM roof rack parts 100 series

    Came off a 98. I have the following in good shape: - Four corner covers $30 for all four or $10 a piece - 2 cross bars - these will need to be repainted - $50 for both - Driver side Roof rail - $40 - I have the feet for the driver side front and rear and the passenger rear. $20 for all I...
  13. L

    Land Cruiser Shop In/Near Brooklyn

    Hi. I'm new to the forum. Just bought an FJ80 in Nevada. I'm bringing it back here to Brooklyn and wanted to know not only a fair, honest and talented mechanic but a place that could install a front bumper and a heavy duty roof rack [for a rooftop tent]. What places do you guys recommend...
  14. ColdWaterSteve

    For Sale  SOLD 8 THULE 387 rack feet (gutter mount) with 8 keyed alike locks

    I bought this rack set up with the intention of getting an 80 series. I ended up with a 100 series (love the V-8). These are for rain gutters. New in original packages. THULE 387 high foot - 8 units (4 bars) with 8 keyed alike locks. Build a solid base for lights, tents, expedition trays... Best...
  15. K9CAB

    Wanted  FJ40 hard top roof rack and gutter mounts

    I have a 1971 FJ40 hard top. I am looking for a new or used rack solution with rain gutter mounts (6 or 8). I am in central NM and am willing to drive and or arrange shipping. Thanks!
  16. rjones

    For Sale  (NorCal - Sac) Gamiviti Rack - Expo+

    Gamiviti rack for 100 series Sold. Cheers, rjones
  17. spencer184

    ARB roof rack fit kit

    Anyone got a source or link to where i can buy the ARB fit kit that is the long pieces like in this picture? All i am able to find is three separate small pieces.
  18. 1973Guppie

    Roof Rack Solar Shower

    Hi All, I have been looking for a way to store water on my roof rack for a quick solar shower. Most of the time here in CA we are camping in decent weather so I don't feel I need hot water per say. I wanted something simple, quick and cheap and be able to be pressurized with my OBA system. I...
  19. K

    For Sale  FJ80 Ultimate Roof Rack Custom Extruded Aluminum SoCal

    This is the nicest rack I have seen or used. It is custom built for an 80 roof and is approx. 6' x 4'. All aluminum with mostly stainless fasteners, so it has no paint to chip off and it can't ever rust. Has lights on the front that I never wired up since I usually just used the fairing and did...
  20. JADANT

    Gamiviti install on '17 200 series - rubber washers to RTV sealant

    I have been reading so many install stories I am spinning. I hear some people use RTV sealant to greasing the threads and rubber washers. I want to make the install solid but also don't want to make it overly complicated. Would love to get some pros and cons on using some of these methods on...
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