1. GreaseMonkeyJP

    SOLD 1PZ engine, R151

    I am finally ready to sell the 1PZ. This was removed from my vehicle to make way for a 1HD-FT. That being said after driving with it for over a year I think that I would of kept it if I didn't already have the 1HD. Engine: 1PZ from a 1991 PZJ77 Mileage: just under 290,000km Voltage: 24V...
  2. G

    PZJ70 4F to 5F Modification

    Hi, I'm modifying my PZJ70 (1991) 4 forward to 5 forward. While selecting the parts I noticed that "33311A Bearing for Input Shaft Front" had 2 Different parts 9036340034 & 9036340050 What is the difference between those parts? Can I use 9036340050 instead of the existing 9036340034 ? Please Help.
  3. joekatana

    For Sale 1PZ R151 combo

    SOLD I have a 1PZ R151 combo here that I just removed from a 1 owner 91 PZJ75 because the new owner wanted a 1HZ in it.It has about 220 k km or about 135 K miles on it and runs very good.I took it for a 20 mile testdrive before I removed it to make sure there are no issues with it. I want...
  4. J

    Manual swap on an 80. Opinion on performance needed!!!

    So no hope on getting an H151 in the US without unplugging the bank. So I'm left with three choices: R151f (from 4runner or tacoma) RA60f (from FJ Cruiser or newer tacoma) NV3550 or AX15 ( Jeeps) Let's assume that I have the bellhousing and transfercase adapter figured out (not yet but just...
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