1. Bludozer

    PWR Button stamped 24/7

    Is there any reason not to do it? Like many people on here I'm running 35s on stock gears so the higher shift points are nice. I'm sure someone will argue there's more wear and tear on certain components so let me here it. But it is nice to unleash the extra 400hp as often as I can :flipoff2:
  2. P

    ECT PWR , Que es esta luz....

    I nlook but I did not find a reference,,, Thanks
  3. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80 Power Window / Doorlock Master Driver Door Switch

    SoCal $82.26 including shipping in USA Fits 91 - 97. This is the switch mechanism. It does not include the bezel. It operates each of the 4 windows and actuates the power door locks for all four doors plus tailgate (If you have a powered lock for your Landcruiser which most Cruisers do. I...
  4. Jay470

    PWR button on the four speed transmission

    Has anyone been brave enough to test this feature? I assume a jet engine from an SR-71 magically pops up from somewhere (cruises are heavy for a reason) and blasts you to 60 mph .005 seconds faster whilst returning 6 MPG. Does anyone seriously use this?
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