1. Onur

    Manufacture Months/Years and Frame Numbers

    I am posting up pertinent production date information with frame numbers which 7x series owners can use as reference when you need parts since some parts supersede mid-month/mid-production. With this information you can even break it down further with actual day of the week your truck was...
  2. Krondor

    SD-40 Possible Production pt.2

    Hey guys. I started a thread on the SD40 carb production a while back on the FJ40 forum. I figured that I would give you guys an update and move the thread over to this group. So far I have contacted 2 different borosilicate glass manufacturers. (same stuff as pyrex) Both have no quoted the...
  3. 94lc80series

    History Question

    looking to purchase an arb bumper for my 2002 100 series... I see that 2002 is the year when some change was made in production. 1) what was the change? 2) when in 2002 did the change affect the US market? 2) how do I determine which arb to purchase?
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