1. SuperDuperCruizer

    Fuel Tank Prep for the Diesel Swap Guru's

    What sort of fuel tank prep did you perform for your gas to diesel conversions? Did you go with a new tank or clean/prep your old tank?
  2. Dudleyfj40

    2017 Meet and Greet/TCCC Prep

    Lets do a meet and greet this spring to get to know some new people that has shown some interest in the club. Also with the TCCC (Tall Corn Cruiser Classic) we can do a follow up from the Dec meeting and do some more prep for it. Ideas on area? Colfax? @tjhaga? Dates? Whatcha think Cruiser heads?
  3. H

    1HD-T injector removal prep

    I'm starting this thread for those HDJ81 Land Cruiser owners that are thinking of having their 1HD-T diesel fuel injectors tested/reconditioned/replaced but want to remove the diesel injectors themselves in order to save some money and learn more about their Land Cruiser (like me)! I have...
  4. rusty_tlc

    Last years Cheers and Jeers

    About this time of year I start getting antsy to get out and do some camping, even though the weather usually isn't cooperating. I usually feed the need by reviewing the gear I used last year and consider replacing stuff that is broken, worn out or just didn't live up to expectations. I also...
  5. LINUS

    Favorite spray can/brush paints & your prep practices?

    Thought I'd start a thread about favorite paints you use -either rust converters or for clean metal- kind of like a "pet handloads" of ammo, just for paint. I have no experience with John Deere paints, so would like to hear on those myself. My favorites: ==Clean metal - Rustolium Industrial...
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