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  1. D

    WTH!!! Power steering addition

    Does anyone know this part number or where I can find one? This Idler is kicking my butt.
  2. Bassumarus

    Source for Parts?

    Hey All, I'm fairly new around here. Just wondering if there is a recommended/preferred source for FZJ-80 parts that forum members go to. Looks like the man to know used to be CruiserDan. I contacted him, but, sadly for us, after some 37 years in the parts biz, he's moved on to better things...
  3. A

    HDJ81 Parts - where to buy them?

    Where is the best place to purchase parts and accessories online for my HDJ81 in the United States? Thanks!
  4. manafrelv

    Help Wanted  Land Cruiser Parts Specialist

    Land Cruiser Parts Specialist MANAFRE is looking for an experienced “Cruiser Enthusiast”. Required Knowledge / Experience: We are looking to fill a position at our Henderson location in Nevada. The right person must have Cruiser/off-road knowledge. This will be a sales, warehouse, admin type...
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