overhead console

  1. Red Beard

    BT45 TOY Install

    I think there are a handful of threads on this exact topic but this is one of my first upgrades to my LC and I wanted to try doing a post about it. I couldn't seem to get my iPhone 11 with the latest iOS to work with the handsfree interface, so the BT45 was perfect. I also wanted to give my...
  2. Batonveck

    Fj55 overhead console

    Well I finally got around to doing it, there was only one example of this procedure I could find and it was not super detailed on the wiring and thats what I want to have working What I did was I took a overhead console from 1999 Suburban with the trip computer. I wanted one with the temp...
  3. Nuno Jesus

    Nuno Jesus Overhead Console Build

    Hello land cruiser friends, Since in Portugal we don´t have a so bigger foruns and groups to help us, and, after many searches in the internet for a overhead console that fits my needs with no luck, I decided to bild one for may BJ40. I need: 1: To put my CB radio 2: To put my normal radio 3...
  4. shoresoccer13

    SOLD  SOLD 80 series altimeter/subtank overhead guage $175 MO

    I have for sale an extra overhead console piece for a sub tank install. It is grey in color. I will sell for 175 shipped in the continental US. If you are close by and want to do local pickup that can be arranged as well. I leave for 2 weeks on the 15th of July and will not be able to check...
  5. 6840

    For Sale  80 Series JDM Overhead Console

    $125 shipped USPS priority mail Gray color, includes mounting screws, discounted due to 1/8" hole in center shown in pics.
  6. mulchiro

    Outback roof console install - headliner question

    I'm one of the unicorn trucks with no sunroof and I'm trying to install an outback overhead console in my 91. I want to mount my CB to it. I am trying to figure out how to run the coax from the engine bay to the center of the headliner. The only threads I can find about lowering the headliner in...
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