mud flaps

  1. Comet

    SOLD  Roanoke, VA 80 series Mudflaps for no running boards.

    I purchased OEM mudflaps to fit my 1997 after the running board was removed. Unfortunately my stupidity is your gain if you want them. The front and rear mudflaps are for flares without a set of running boards, I took the flares off. $125 plus shipping of your choice (cheap is better). I...
  2. JunkCrzr89

    Wanted  100 series *front* mudflaps/mudguards

    Looking for a useable pair of FRONT mudflaps (mudguards) with mounting brackets for 98-02 UZJ100.
  3. cloverland

    SOLD  100 Series Cruiser Front Mudflaps / Splash Guards

    . Pair of front mudflaps for 100 series Land Cruiser (not LX) PN 76621-60070 + 76622-60060 Left and Right – Unused, just removed from wrap for photo $50 USD for the pair + $20 shipping
  4. BuckWild

    FREE  Bay Area SF: LC100 running boards and mudflaps

    Free LC100 silver running boards and mud flaps. Come pick them up or toss me a couple bucks for gas and I’ll meet you. No issues, just added LCPs mud flap eliminators and plan on getting sliders. Fasteners not included. Thanks!
  5. fj40Mudflaps.jpg


    Classic Mud Flaps
  6. ProFitMudFlaps6.jpg


    Supposed to fit FJ60
  7. fj40Mudflaps.jpg


    Old school 40 flaps
  8. CahabaCruisers

    For Sale  Toyota Land Cruiser Mud Flap Set

    $150 Toyota Land Cruiser Mud flap set. Black in color. Good condition. Left rear has a “burned” spot . Part numbers can be seen in the pics to cross reference whether it will fit your rig.
  9. CrznCO

    For Sale  Denver, CO

    2011 front mud flaps $30
  10. MKFreedom88

    Wanted  Want to buy mudflaps for my FJ62

    Hi all, I'm looking for a set of front and rear mudflaps for my FJ62. Let me know if you have and are willing to sell. Thanks! Mike
  11. scoobiedubes

    Looking for GIFU LV mud flaps

    Unfortunately SOR no longer offers the reproduction GIFU LV mud flaps, and said the manufacturer they were getting them from isn't making them anymore either. This is a long shot but did anybody happen to buy an extra set that they're willing to sell? Or have any ideas for reproducing them...
  12. peggyfzj80

    SOLD  1997 Land Cruiser Front Mud Flaps

    $50 plus shipping. These things are in amazing condition. I bought them new, in packaging, a few months ago. I'm putting sliders on. So, the flaps have to go. Perfect condition!
  13. peggyfzj80

    SOLD  97 Land Cruiser Rear Bumper with Mud Flaps (CO, USA)

    The bumper and flaps are, both, in great condition. There are a few, minor, scratches on the bumper, but no dents or dings. The shape is perfect. The flaps are perfect. $150 plus shipping for the bumper and flaps together. $100 plus shipping for the just bumper, no flaps. $50 plus shipping...
  14. Jon long

    2 Gen Pickup Mud Flaps

    Can anyone provide me with detailed pictures of their mud flaps for a 2 gen pickup. I am hunting for a full set and want to get an idea of what components I will need.
  15. A

    FJ60 Mud Flaps - Please respond again!

    I don't know what happened but I put out a post weeks ago about finding a good set of FJ60 mud flaps. Someone sent me a great response about refurbishing my existing flaps. It was a great post with information on how to clean them using steel wool and pictures of the process, even a picture of...
  16. zgarre

    For Sale  FJ60/62 Mud Flaps (Aftermarket) - New, with hardware

    I ended up with an extra set of these - I haven't tried to test fit them yet, but they appear to be the right dimensions. Quality isn't bad, but the rubber isn't as smooth as on the OEM mud flaps. Came with mounting hardware for both the front and rear. Asking $100 + shipping for the set of...
  17. S

    For Sale  Pearl white lx OEM roof rack

    OEM roof rack from 2005 pearl white lx470. in excellent condition. I also have the factory rear mud guards which are also in great shape. I do have the 4 caps for the roof frack in great shape as well. Prefer local. In Albuquerque 87105. Can ship at buyers expense if need be 75 for the...
  18. dr_dobro

    For Sale  94 80 series rear mud flaps NY

    Good shape, right side bottom has a melted lip from scrapping against something ? Asking $40 for the pair plus the ride
  19. Wookie95

    FREE  Rear Mud flaps from a 95' 80 series

    Just pay shipping, located in CA.
  20. Wookie95

    FREE  Rear Mud flaps from a 95' 80 series

    I have a pair of Rear Mud flaps in good condition. Free of charge, just have to pay shipping. Located in CA.
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