1. F

    SOLD  1997 Lexus LX450 "FZilla"

    SOLD!!!! For Sale: A 1997 LX450 that is built from bone stock 2 years ago into a off road beast. When I do something I go all the way. I tried to mirror jcardona1's FJ80 as much as I could as I truly think that is one of the best out there. This FZJ80 followed suit with 4 Wheel Undergrounds...
  2. Hollowman


    Dear Fellows, i am very much interested in buying the below item "Grunt 4x4 wide fander flares" for my 80 series. but i need your reviews on the quality if any1 has installed it yet ? secondly if someone can help me to collect it on my behalf (i can arrange local shipping to their door...

    Anyone here have Monster Valves installed on OEM 16" wheels?

    I know our wheels don't have much of a flat area to install them, but just curious if anyone here tried it anyways.
  4. P

    Monster Yota Toyo promo video

    Probably not the ideal place to share this but thought you would enjoy this video of a Toyota truck, not sure what it is showing lots of suspension flex (moderator, please move to most appropriate place)
  5. 2

    Anyone running Hutchinson Rock Monster wheels?

    Are any of you Atlanta-ish guys running Hutchinson beadlocks? I'd like to buy them, but Hutchinson has less than helpful and I have concerns that they won't clear the front brakes on a '16 200. If anyone has those wheels and is willing to let me try to fit one of their wheels to the front of...
  6. firefight

    Wanted  Hutchinson Wheels 6x5.5

    Just missed out on robustbambi wheels he had for sale on here. Looking for a set of Hutchinson Rock Monster wheels for the 80 series, 6x5.5. I have a photo of his wheels he just sold. Looking for the same ones. Thanks, Sheldon
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