1. Aussiecruiser82

    For Sale  Marks Adapter - 6L80E to LandCruiser 4-speed auto HF2A transfer case

    $1000 OBO Got a brand new Marks Adapter to convert the 6L80e to 80 Series transfer case. This does not include the engine mounts. I didn't get them since they don't work in the US trucks. I was going to do a conversion on my 96 but I ended up buying Bloc's already converted. Already in the US...
  2. C

    Marks 4 wheel drive

    Has anyone used the bell housing adapter from marks I am trying to decide which way to go I have a 72 40 with a smallblock and a three speed I am going to put a 4 speed in it
  3. O

    Timing marks

    Is It safe to assume that by aligning the timing marks the engine is at TDC too? Cheers from Ecuador and thanks for all your help
  4. J

    FJ40 Header

    Would you be able to tell me if this is a Downey/Marks header and if so, what year FJ40 2F it would fit?
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