manifold leak

  1. DesertRose

    1988 FJ62 Exhaust Manifold Leak and Parts Issue

    Fine people of the IH8MUD community I need your help! I've been a member of this site since 2009 but have never really posted as my FJ has had no issues! [In advance - I already tried searching for the answer to this on the website but was unable to find my answers.] I have an 88 FJ62 -...
  2. Ohthetrees

    How hard to check manifold bolts?

    Hi there, I have a mild/moderate exhaust leak on the left side that goes away when warmed up. I've been reading doug thorley header threads, and noticed a couple that just turned out to be loose bolts, not cracked manifold. How involved is it to check the bolts, or is it one of those things...
  3. jralph125

    Coolant leak, need some advice

    Hello all, I need some assistance on identifying a leak on my 79 FJ40. I noticed what appears to be a coolant or coolant/oil leak coming from what appears to be the bottom of the exhaust manifold. Kind of a strange place to see that there, my concern is that I had some head work completed...
  4. LittleRedWgon

    Gasket help

    Anyone know what gasket this is? Part number or where I can get it? is from the second exhaust/smog under the manifold Also, cannot find this one either.. anyone? For the ERG, Right? Thanks to anyone that can help!
  5. LittleRedWgon

    Welder - machine shop in Phoenix

    Well, I am at that point that most of us have been....the good ol cracked intake manifold. I only had to pull off the carb and look at it... even as dirty as it was, it's pretty clear. Suspected that this might be one of the problems...along with bad gaskets, loose bolts, etc... Now I...
  6. K

    New to me 2008 GX470 Sport

    I've been lurking the GX/120 forums for a few weeks and finally decided to pull the trigger on 2008 GX470 Sport with 65K miles. I live in Colorado but flew to Atlanta to pick it up and drove home this week. The GX has a few blemishes on the outside that have been touched up, but the inside looks...
  7. C

    For Sale  NEW100 Series DT Headers free shipping

    New in box Doug Thorley Headers. $710 new. These are in pristine condition, includes gaskets. Box has storage wear. Purchased to replace cracked right manifold, took easy way out and went stock. $550 free shipping in lower 48.
  8. Fey1

    12HT making strange noise and exhaust manifold leak.

    Hello all, I've just installed a 12HT in my FJ40 to replace the failed 2H. It was supposed to be a fairly straight forward swap. Generally everything went well. At the end of the 125 mile shake-down drive, I noticed a slight pop... pop... pop. This is confirmed to be an exhaust leak at the...
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