1. DanMedeiros

    start with surplus trailer or home build?

    Hi Mud world, I am interested in either buying or building a small m100/416 utility trailer. Now that I have a kiddo the amount of gear we bring camping in mellow terrain is just crazy! It would be great to have a trailer that can haul more water, toys, and amenities. Also would like to put a...
  2. NMC_EXP

    For Sale  M101 3/4 Ton Trailer Rack Set

    I'm selling a set of racks for an M101, M101A1, M101A2 USGI 3/4 ton trailer. The set is complete and in good, serviceable condition. I do not have any cargo cover bows. It's on ebay. Pick-up only at Raton NM. Starting price is $100. M101 M101A1 M101A2 Military Trailer Rack Set | eBay
  3. izzymonkey

    M101a1 axle conversion?

    Hello mudders! I’ve got a few questions regarding the m101a1 trailers. I’m wanting to convert the old axle to a more user friendly axle. -What length hub to hub should i use? -What weight rating? -Brakes or no brakes? which i know is a preference thing but curious on y’all opinion? If anyone...
  4. a_traut_man

    craigslist  Not Mine - M101 Offroad Camping Trailer - Tulsa OK - $9500

    Not mine, talked to the guy a bit and it sounds to be set up pretty good but haven't put eyes on it. Don't think I can swing it right now but looks like a nice set up. Adventure Trailer Overland with Eezi Awn RTT Build thread links Pepe` Our Little Mule Elvis (formerlly --> Pepe' Our Little...
  5. B

    M101 5 bolt wheel and axel

    Want to replace the M101 5 bolt wheel (900 - 16LT Tire) with a non split wheel, I understabd there are some inventory somewhere, maybe. Question: Where can i find another wheel, preferable non split replacement wheel? I have heard that thare is a 10 bolt wheel that is a budd wheel that will...
  6. RotorHead04

    Tow the M101, go RTT, or stick with Ground Tent? Post Pics!

    Im gearing up for family road trip vacations this summer. Trips will be out west to the mountains and trails of UT, CO, and AZ. This year will be a first for the wife being that our little boy is old enough to really get out and enjoy travels. Looking into new options for camping with little...
  7. ouroutdoorfamily

    For Sale  Backcountry Trailer for Sale (M416 Clone)

    ---SOLD--- I am taking orders for builds, you can see the current design here (just click on the first image and it's an interactive model: http://www.trinitydesignandfabrication.com/gallery Trailer For Sale: (Does not include bikes, boat or cooler) M101 Clone 2X3X3/16 Rect Tubing Frame...
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